McCain's expiration date

Dunno if this goes in IMHO, GQ, GD or what, so I’m putting it here just to be safe-- Mods can move it where they will–and it may be shut down as tasteless or wishing death on someone, but it’s not , honest:

Predict the date on which you think (not hope, not wish) McCain will shuffle off this mortal coil. I just saw a new “McCain is just teeming with cancer cells” commercial, put out not by Obama but by something called “BraveNewPAC” and he’s been looking like a week-old dog turd every time I’ve seen him on TV, so I’m going to predict that, win or lose, he’s got less than two years left. I’ll say August 30, 2010.

I sense a black cloud over this thread.
But, just for shits and giggles, I’ll take December 25th of this year. I hate Christmas anyway … might as well make it a lulu this time around.

December 1st, 2008.

My completely unsubstantiated guess is that he’ll reach 80. He looks tired but not that physically unhealthy to me. So: august 2016. Unless he actually manages to become president. That seems to take 3 years off your life for every year you’re in office. That would mean somewhere early 2011.

March 7 2009

Jan 21nd, 2009.



One nutty semi-conspiracy-theory running around is that he had a minor stroke, and so his handlers are trying to buy time by avoiding the debate. A little crazy, but it shows the confidence people have in his health.

Thursday, June 10, 2010, according to the Death Clock.

(Though they didn’t have any fields to factor in the stress of being president or the stress already incurred as POW) I also listed him as a non-smoker, though he used to be a smoker until the 80’s.

Nobody thinks he’ll get hooked up with whatever dark magic animates Dick Cheney’s gray cold flesh?

That is libel, and I am sick of it. Dick Cheney is NOT the servant of Satan, Beelzebub, Mephistopheles, Asmodeus, or even Screwtape.

He works for Cthulhu.


Cthulu works for Cheney.

Excuse me. Who’s the villain here?

Me, that’s who. It’s common knowledge that I am pure, unblinking, puppy-kicking kitten-drowning piglet-barbecuing evil. I know who work for whom.

Cheney works for Cthulhu. McCain works for Megatron. Obama works for Cobra Commander, and Limbaugh works for himself.

As an Obama supporter and a physician, I am very uncomfortable with this campaign ploy, as well as disgusted by eager speculation about McCain supposedly being at death’s door.

There’s no evidence of McCain having any residual melanoma. Two of his four “cancers” (melanomas) were in situ lesions, meaning they had no metastatic potential whatsoever, he’s 15 years out from another one, and he had comprehensive surgery for the most serious melanoma, with the prognosis being quite good for someone who’s gone as long as he has without a recurrence. And he seems to be in good health otherwise.

As for the PAC ad, it looks highly unprofessional for the physicians who appear in it to be lending themselves to a partisan attack like this.

It’s true that McCain has to some extent opened himself up to renewed speculation about his longevity, given that he chose such an unqualified running mate. Harping on the idea that he’s ready to croak is unjustified by the facts, plus risks stimulating a backlash from a large group of voters who don’t think someone should be dismissed and/or laughed at for being his age. And last time I checked, a higher percentage of the elderly show up to vote than 20-somethings.

There are lots of excellent reasons not to vote for McCain, and plenty to blast him for. This is the wrong avenue to choose.

I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on tv, but I agree w/this.

I didn’t see a date in your post. He IS going to die, you do realize that? I’m just asking when, in your opinion. The PAC is obviously opting for an early date–I’m trying to nail down what the SD thinks. If the precise date seems ghoulish, then be vague–do you expect him to last another four years and four months? Eight years and four months? That seems a little extreme to me. In short, what are “the facts” that you think are supported here? Give me your best guess.

This thread is in extremely poor taste.

This post is in extremely poor taste. I dare you to lick it.

John McCain will live to be one-hundred.

Everyone’s acting like McCain is going to keel over as soon as he’s sworn in. They’re ignoring the fact that Obama also seems to be at a high risk of death - by assassination. The first black president? AND a charismatic, youthful Kennedy-esque figure, at that? There are a lot of lunatics and racists out there and they would all love to be immortalized as the “hero” who killed America’s first black president.

One interesting thing I noticed today. If you drive up north 24th street in Phoenix, you’ll pass the Arizona Republican party headquarters with an ugly picture of McCain/Palin. You will then see senior citizen retirement homes for the next block or so. Coincidence? I think not.

Arizona will be a far better place the day McCain stops representing the state in the US Senate. Let him lose the presidential election and then resign from the Senate.

Yeah, but if Bush were to relax on his security I’m sure some lunatic would be more than willing to rid the world of him too. It’s not as if the Secret Service would just say “fuck it, he’s black.”