John McCain diagnosed with glioblastoma brain tumor


Politically, I’m not too wild about him, but I wish him well, and he certainly has been through the wringer in this lifetime.

My daughter-in-law died of this kind of brain tumor, which is the most common kind. Three months from diagnosis to death. She had radiation, but I think that was more of a “we can’t just do nothing!” response.

She had been a little “off” in the weeks prior to the diagnosis, but there was a lot of stuff going on, including a move across the country, and a new job in the family–everyone just assumed it was the stress of adjusting to a bunch of changes. This would certainly explain McCain’s somewhat incoherent speech at the Comey hearings.


Just saw this in my news feed. We have a Doper who is fighting the same thing. Fuck cancer.

The diagnosis is unsurprising given his behavior over the last few months, but it’s still a shame. The irony that the repeal Obamacare vote was delayed to give him time to recover from the blood clot is certainly not lost on me.

I hope however long he has left is peaceful.

He’s my state senator and though I disagree with him on lots of stuff and have spent the last few months filling his inbox with pleas to vote against dismantling the ACA, I am very sorry to hear this.

I hope the time he has left is peaceful and happy.

I saw in the news that he was operated on and the cancer was successfully removed.

I believe they only got most of the tumor. From what I read, it’s the same type Ted Kennedy had. Ted lived for a while with it, but the outlook is not good.

I made my first attempt to be bipartisan in posting this on Facebook earlier.

The death of Ted Kennedy occurred during the debate over the ACA. I’m hoping that Senator McCain’s cancer can help us all take a deep breath and at least step back and think about health care.
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He is a tough guy. He will show us the right way to die. I will miss him. I will pray for him.

Some nice comments from President Obama. Nothing yet from President Trump.

Also from Trump: “Now he’s a two-time loser.”

Okay, he didn’t really say that. But he’s capable of it. :frowning:

I liked him a lot back in the day. I think the world would be a far better place today if he had beaten Bush in the 2000 Primary.

“Senator John McCain has always been a fighter. Melania and I send our thoughts and prayers to Senator McCain, Cindy, and their entire family. Get well soon.”

That’s what did my mother in. Hers was inoperable. With a combination of radiation and some very expensive chemotherapy (most of the cost of which was covered by Medicare), she made it about 11 months.

McCain’s far from my favorite politician, but that’s just a horrible way to go.

Even worse: his 105-year-old mother is still alive. :eek: :frowning:

At his age, with this type of cancer, chances are that comfort or palliative care is the best method of “treatment”.

Sarah Palin, not exactly an intellectual colossus, said that she knows he will face this with strength and courage.

Trump gets normalcy points for this comment except for one thing. I will humbly accept a judgment of Nitpickius Maximus if so accused by the forum. “Get well soon,” is not exactly the right thing to say here. What some Dopers have said in this thread qualify as the kind of wish to extend to someone with this diagnosis, for example, “I hope however long he has left is peaceful.” This isn’t something you get well from.

Whats he supposed to say? Fuck off and die?

Not a nitpick at all, it was my first thought exactly. Completely clueless of him or whichever flunkie was assigned the task. Yet another stupidly embarrassing missive.

Don’t care McCain’s politics, but admire his fortitude. I doubt I’d have had the strength he had to endure what he did. Have lost dear friends to glioblastoma, and hate to see it hit anyone, let alone someone who has already endured so much.

John’s daughter Meghan issued a beautiful statement about her dad.

I quoted the more personal feelings she expressed.

John has served this country has entire life. I often don’t agree with him politically. But I’ve always believed he’s tried to live his life the right way.

I hope John has a few good remaining years. Perhaps see his daughter marry and meet his grandchildren.

When he and Obama ran against each other I was on the fence as to who to vote for. Then I looked at the VP candidates and voted without hesitation for Obama.

Whatever time McCain has left I hope it is peaceful.