Sen. John McCain has Died

Sen. John McCain has died.

McCain stopped treatment for his cancer earlier this week, and his death was expected.

Oh, wow. Good guy.:frowning:

The only republican I liked (sort of). RIP.

I’m sure some unkind things will be said about him over the next few days, but I prefer to remember that he served honorably, conducted himself honorably under horrific conditions in captivity, served his state well, and bucked his own party’s interests more than a few times when few others would.

Rest In Peace, Senator McCain. You earned it.

This. I may not have agreed with his positions, but he was never “the enemy”.

Rest In Peace.

I’ve always appreciated how John McCain defended Barack Obama in the 2008 election. That showed true character.

May he Rest In Peace.

I started an Elections thread for those who want to discuss his political life and political campaigns.

I agree with this. It seems an eon ago now that he corrected that woman. I wish we had more politicians on both side with his sense of responsibility.

R.I.P…, Senator. Even though I’m a Democrat, I’m proud he served my state honorably.

The elderly woman who asked him if Obama were Muslim?

Someone posted once that after making an “across the aisle” comment, he then voted for a bill to cut taxes for the wealthy.
I guess he was the nicest Republican, and I honor him for staying in a POW camp when the NV would release him because his Father was an admiral.
He was nonetheless a Republican and opposed to fair taxes and fair health care.

I agree with you both. RIP Mr. McCain.

I’m grieved. I’m sure this sounds sappy, but even though I didn’t often agree with his political views, I was grateful to him. I spent a very long time in a nightmare marriage to an emotionally abusive man with serious mental health issues. I couldn’t leave due to kids and finances, and many times I thought I’d break. But I’d tell myself if John McCain could make it through 6 years in hell as a POW, I could make it through my own particular hell. I know he’s not the only POW to survive, nor the greatest one, and I don’t want to idealize him, but I can’t dismiss what he symbolized for me.

I can go along with that.

John McCain was a hero, and in an age when the word is dreadfully overused, it applied to him unreservedly. We’re poorer for his passing and richer for his legacy.

Read somewhere else that Obama will deliver a eulogy. Hope that’s true.

Obama’s statement

He was a good man, and a genuine hero.
God speed, John.

I almost voted for him…until he chose Palin as his running mate.
I think he would have been a good president. Although he was pretty partisan, he seemed to be closer to the middle than most of the current crop of republicans.

A few months ago he said that he wanted Obama to be one of the people to deliver a eulogy and that he didn’t want Trump to attend the funeral at all.

I predict Obama will deliver a classy eulogy that will be remembered for a long, long time.

I’ve always considered John a honorable man that served his country well. First in the military and then in Congress.

He had his flaws and I sometimes disagreed with his positions. But, he was a man of character and solid principles.

I’ll miss hearing John’s strong voice on various issues.

My heart goes out to his family and I wish them well.