McDonald's employee arrested for serving over-salted burger to policeman.

Well, it’s good to see the law enforcement establishment of Georgia are not ones to be trifled with:

The story of the “over-salted burger caper” can be found here.
Okay, so this story may not be of the same caliber as Michael Vick, the McCann family, Larry Craig, and so on but it seems to me that the officer was grossly over-estimating the seriousness of this “crime”. I find it very disturbing that someone could actually get arrested for this.
Let’s change the perspective on this. Suppose we were one of the recipients of this “death-burger” and we called the police to report this “heinous” transgression. Don’t you think the police would laugh their asses off and say you were way off-base for taking such a serious attitude toward an incident that would probably end up on a “Jay Leno Headlines” segment?

Looks like a simple case of as-salt to me.


That’s why he used the maNaCles.

Oh, now, that’s just showing off.


I’d have to know how much salt is “some salt,” and how many patties were affected, and what was meant by “thump off.” I’m trying to picture the scene, and wondering why she was handling salt. To refill the shaker of salt-and-pepper mix that gets sprinkled over the patties while they’re cooking? Probably. And if so, it’s not advisable to do that near where the patties are stored, though I can understand why someone would.

So the supervisor has to make a judgment call. How many patties are affected, and how badly, and is it worth trying to salvage them? If it was a matter of a tablespoon or two of salt scattered across the top layer of patties (I assume they were still in the carton, uncooked), it might have seemed worthwhile to try to get them un-salted, but by the same token, it wouldn’t be much of a loss to just toss them. If, OTOH, it was a pound or more of salt spilled into the carton, the only sensible response would be to write off whatever was left in there; all the patties would be contaminated, and beyond repair.

What I wonder, though, is if this was the only customer who noticed and complained?

He’ll be in a pickle now that he’s let this ketchup to him.

I’m sure he’ll be done after they grill him.

She savored the idea that the policeman mustard with relish.

Fry 'em!!

Of course, there’s no chance that this was a prank directed at the officer and when he escalated it, everybody backpedaled furiously in an attempt to cover up?

But surely the officer must be the bad guy. That would never happen.

Enjoy your RO. I doubt that we’ll ever get the truth on this one.

This case doesn’t pass [del]mustard[/del] muster.

Can the employee counter the charges?

Serious crime problem in LA: Drive-by shootings
Serious crime problem in GA: Drive-in salting

“I need a double cheeseburger. . .it’s for a cop.”


Oh come on. If you eat in a restaurant and receive a meal that’s been over salted, the response is not to throw the cook in jail for the night.

Regardless of the details of the ‘over salting,’ the officer clearly is overstepping the use of his powers here.

What law do you suppose was violated, even if it was a prank? Would overcooking the burger be a crime? Personally, I believe that soggy fries should be a capital offense. A stale bun should get at least five years incarceration. You don’t want to know what happened to the guy who forgot to hold the onions… I specifically requested no onions!

Seriously though, although it is possible to poison someone with excessive salt intake, I have a hard time believing that a harmful quantity of salt could be put on a burger without making the food inedible.

Does anyone know how much salt is required at once to harm a normal human?

That would depend on what altitude you dropped it from and what form it was in.

Lettuce see about that…


As I said in the GQ thread, here is what I really think happened. Employee sees the cop and decides to screw with his burger. She does something to poison it, maybe adds a few drops of grill cleaner. Cop eats burger and gets sick. When the police come back to question the cook, he gets scared and makes up some bullshit about too much salt and how it was inadvertent.

Here we’re all focusing on whether or not an over salted burger can make one sick and I think we’re focusing on the wrong thing.

There’s, interestingly, a thread in General Questions about this exact same incident that sheds some light on the situation. From some of the articles linked there it appears that the police officer had reason to believe that the person preparing his burger knew that it was for a police officer, because his meal ticket was $0.00 and this particular McDonald’s only gives free food to employees and cops. He also had reason to believe not that the burger was just oversalted, but that some sort of chemical poisoning had been used on him. Gfactor posted this over in the relevant GQ thread:

Also the specific charge the employee was charged with was reckless conduct (this is, again, from the GQ thread), which is defined as: