McDonald’s employee spent a night in jail

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This story is being reported in several different places. But something strikes me as very, very odd.

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I’ve never seen a McDonalds making their own patties. Does any of this make sense?

This makes no sense whatsoever.

As far as I know, they don’t make their own patties. And since when does salt make somebody sick? If someone has a problem with salt, they shouldn’t be eating at McD’s!
And the cop arresting her for it? No Way!

I’m sensing some sort of hoax…

Frankly, no it doesn’t. I think the reporting and possibly the police report is wrong (Fox News, what a surprise! We report. You decide.). Mc’Donald’s burgers are never made on premises, they arrive “prepucked” and prefrozen from a central processing plant. The only time salt and pepper are added is about two minutes after they are put on the grill and turned.

I think it is likely that the top of the salt and pepper shaker (a single aluminum one much like this with salt and pepper mixed) might have accidently come off as she was seasoning the patties. The salt could have been easily knocked off or scraped off, but I doubt if the remnants that were left would be a “fatal” or sickenening dose.

The whole thing sound fishy and weird. Since when can you arrest someone for making bad food??? And how did the girl know anyone would actually get sick? She wouldn’t know that for sure. There would have to be one hell of a lot of salt in the recipe to make someone sick off one patty, especially after cooking some of it out of the meat. And McD’s does not make their patties on site. I believe them to be delivered pre-made and possibly frozen.

According to the AP she was charged with reckless conduct.

O.C.G.A. § 16-5-60

This incident happened in Union City, GA, so I checked on the website of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, who report it as happening in a “Big-N-Tasty” burger joint (a local chain), not a McDonald’s. It also mentioned a “Blue Light special” discounted price for employees and police officers reflected on the receipt as proof that the server knew a cop was the recipient of the food.

I guess the AP newswire has a correction coming up…

Local coverage of the story:

I’m pretty sure the burger the cop was served was a Big-N-Tasty. The AJC articles all say Kendra Bull (the worker) was a McDonald’s employee, and McD’s serves a burger called the Big-N-Tasty.

You are confusing matters, more. A Big N Tasty is a McDonald’s Hamburger, Not a fast food chain. A BNT is the descendent of the old MC DLT

It makes sense if you assume that the Fox writer had never worked at McDonalds, and so didn’t understand that the girl was merely seasoning frozen patties; that he misunderstood what had actually happened and thought that she was “mixing” hamburger meat, and that the manager “continued to make patties”, when he should have written that the manager “continued to cook patties”.

If you’re in the habit of wolfing down a McD’s burger without tasting it–which many people are–and there was a whole big pile of salt on the patty that you didn’t know about, you could ingest most of that whole big pile of salt before you realized, “Hey, this burger is awful salty!”

And yes, an overdose of salt can make you sick. Four stories about children, and one Airedale, who were made ill by too much salt, three of whom died, plus the dog. And the NIH reports on two more.

Now, granted, an adult male is much less likely to actually die of eating a big pile of salt on his McD’s burger, but it definitely could have made him sick. I found this report of a 41-year-old male who died three days after drinking a gargling solution that contained about one-third of a cup of salt.

So yeah, too much salt can make you sick.

I propose that if I were to accidently spill salt on a 1/4 lb. burger patty after turning it (approx.1-2 minutes cooking time), and excercise due dilligence by removing the majority of the salt physically. Then finish cooking it per Mc Donald’s instructions (approximately 3-5 minutes more cooking time), with the patented tilt and drain of the fat and cooking juices at the end of the cooking cycle that the remaing salt would be dissolute and removed… and pose no direct risk of salt poisoning. Overseasoned, perhaps… but deadly? Hell no!

The real question is how does one not taste the supposed massive amount of salt on the burger and stop eating it? Salt is one of those things I cannot see someone accidentally ingesting enough of without noticing and then becoming sick. It’s a quite obvious taste unless you have some severe tongue issues.

The various reports say the officer vomited and was briefly hospitalized. The local papers suggest that there might have been more than salt added to the burger.

According to what I can find on-line, the LDlo (lowest recorded lethal dose) for salt in humans is (if I am reading it correctly) 1000mg/KG. I would have to guess that to reach that level of saltiness, there would have had to have been mounds of salt on the burger.

I was a 200 pound female one day when I found the glorious pinnacle of Hint of Lime tortilla chips (or maybe it was Cool Ranch Doritos, I forget). Anyway, there was a solid chunk of flavoring powder bigger than a quarter and about 1/3 of an inch thick on one chip. I licked it for a good half hour.

I felt like I was hungover for the rest of the day. The queasy, head pounding, light hurts room-spinning kind of hungover. No amount of water would help. It was really, really horrible.

D’oh!! It’s been many a year since I’ve looked at a McDonald’s menu, and assumed anything “Big 'N Tasty” could not possibly be sold at a Mickey D’s due to truth in advertising laws :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for scoring an own goal in the fight against ignorance!

“That’s the saltiest thing I ever tasted, and I once ate a big heaping bowl of salt!”

If the officer had reason to believe this was done intentionally, I can’t fault him for arresting her. If it was just an accident, I suspect the manager and/or employees will think twice before they sell contaminated food again.
Could also be it was a little of both. The oversalting was an accident and then they saw the police coming in and decided to unload it on them.

Well, if there was that much salt, it would have been attempted murder.

Right. I am not saying that is what happened, but it does happen that FF employees contaminate the food for a Cop. And it is clear to me that is what the Cop *thought *had happened.