McDonald's Jungle Book Happy Meal toys

Took the kids to McDonald’s tonight, and of course they got Happy Meals. The toys du jour are these little Jungle Book dolls that come with some kind of structure (house type things) that you put together.

We get home, and I take a look at the toys. Most of the pieces are these flat, square plastic things that you fit together somehow. They have little pegs and holes that look like that’s how you put them together.

The problem: if you lay the pieces flat, the pegs stick up. But to put it together according to the instructions, the pegs should stick up when you set the pieces up on their sides. I’ve tried and tried to figure out how these things go together, but I have no clue.

Has anybody else bought one of these, and did you get it together?

I got one the other day (well, my son did) and it’s some little shanty for the bear to sit in. Anyway, in my case, the ends of the squares themselves snapped together and the pegs weren’t used at all except to hold some steps on. I’m guessing though that the pegs serve some function and it’s probably the other units so my shanty advice might not apply to your three car garage or whatever in the hell else they made with the set :wink: