McDonald's out of McNuggets so woman calls the police


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The stupid…it burns. But is hilarious nonetheless.

I don’t condone calling 911 for mcnugget emergencies, but the people at this McDonald’s were pretty stupid. “Sorry, we’re out of mcnuggets, but we can’t refund your money because all sales are final. How about a cheeseburger instead?” I mean, they could have at least offered her a chicken sandwich. :smiley:

Oh definitely. There was plenty of stupid to go around.

I love this:

Hmmm… how can we round out this story? Mention something about the condiments and nutritional content.

I especially like that the news article included nutritional information for a 10-piece McNugget box. Not to mention the enlightening explanation of sauce vis a vis the McNugget.

There’s a reporter who knows how to tell a story.

It’s like they have a mandatory minimum word count and the reporter was trying to stretch the story as far as possible.

I guess people in this area are just stoopid in general.

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Hey, according to the article, they McOffered her a McDouble. What McMore could you McWant? A McFreakin’ McTriple?

Is there an epidemic of stupid in that area?

Of the one person I’ve known from WPB, I guess so.

Maybe the woman isn’t Citizen of the Year, but jees. Can’t refund her money? That’s theft folks, plain and simple and the cops need to be involved.

She’s stupid for not asking to speak with the upper-hand in the joint, before calling the police.

The employee is stupid for not giving the refund.

With all due respect, according to the article she called the police because the clerk would not refund her money, not because Mickey D’s was out. Yeah, she should have spoken to the head honch first. Calling the cops was a bit much, but I’d be willing to bet that the clerk was just doing what he/she had been told.

They made a simple mcstake.

Yep, that story sounds like Florida…


A 10 piece McNugget is $2.99. A McDouble is on the Value Menu, which means it’s $1. Unless they were offering her three McDoubles, they were committing theft. It’s petty theft, but it’s theft, and just because it’s McDonalds Restaurant, not Bob McDonald the mugger, doesn’t mean that it’s right.

Okay, but it still isn’t enough to call 911. That’s why we now have 311 as a “non-emergency” number. Maybe they don’t have 311 access there, but she could have called an operator and been connected to the police department. Even then, she should have spoken to the manager first.

Now, if they had flung a wad of grease in her face then offered her a McDouble, I’d say call 911. Otherwise…

Expanding on my previous post…

I’ve noticed since I’ve lived here that people in service positions don’t really grasp the idea of being in a service position. And, on the other hand, people in general down here are waaaaaay to eager to escalate any conflict to completely ridiculous proportions. It is, as another poster noted above, an epidemic of stupid.

While I have managed to meet a bunch of wonderful people during my stint in Florida, I will (overall) really be glad to be free of this place once I have finished my degree…

FTR, Florida doesn’t have a standardized non-emergency reporting number, and there are about a dozen different jurisdictions around Fort Pierce (Port St. Lucie, Ft. Pierce, Jensen Beach, Palm City, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Okechobee… not to mention the St. Lucie County sheriff’s office) so it’s not quite as easy as it sounds.

But yes, there’s lots of dumb down here.

I would like to point out (for the record) that Fort Pierce is more or less where the transplanted New Yorkers begin, moving southward. :smiley: