McDonald's re-creates the Cheese Shop Sketch...

… sort of.

Some customers ordering the new mozzarella sticks are coming up empty.

Wonder if Muzak has any bouzouki music?

“I’d like an order of mozzarella sticks, hold the cheese.”

Where does the quote from the OP come from?

The missing cheese is represented by the link in the OP.


Business Insider

Is there any chance this is a rash of hoaxers pulling the cheese out then posting the empty shells on the internet to get in on the action?

That has to be what’s going on. How can a hollowed out breading tube contain its integrity going from cold to deep fried?

That was my first thought too. If it’s real, how would it even happen? You couldn’t put batter around nothing. Maybe the melted cheese is leaking out into the fry oil? Maybe the cheese starts out frozen and they’re getting pieces that are more ice than cheese?

Some of the comments in the Yahoo article mention this might be the case.

A quote from one of the Twitter entries showing a pic of the cheeseless sticks:

"I came in with extremely low expectation for @McDonalds mozzarella sticks…yet somehow I was still disappointed "

This is what happens. As someone who used to work in a hospital kitchen, and cooked more than his share of mozzarella sticks, if you keep them in too long, the cheese can ooze out of one side. The breading remarkably keeps its shape.

I’ve received have-empty cheese sticks in sit-down restaurants. The fryer and server have to be on the lookout to catch these before they get to the customer. That’s probably beyond the concern of many McD’s workers.

Even with the cheese they wouldn’t have been missing anything. They aren’t worth even the dollar they cost. Tasted pretty much like eating cardboard.

“I think it’s a bit runnier than you like it, sir.”

“I don’t care how fucking runny it is. Hand it over with all speed.”

“Oh! The cat’s eaten it”

I would still eat it.

But I’m weird like that. My life long dream is that someday KFC will sell fried chicken skins. I’d but a bucket full of that.

Yeah, they are cooking them too long, or at too high of a temperature or both. The cheese is melting and leaking out of cracks in the coating.

Have you ever kept a plate of pizza rolls in the oven or microwave for longer than you should’ve, and opened the door to find half of them have the filling oozing out of the side?

Same principle at work here. We had the same problem sometimes when I ran a Jack in the Box and we had cheese sticks on the menu. Either the fry cooks are leaving the cheese sticks in the oil longer than they’re supposed to, or the chain is instructing them to cook them for longer than they need.

We could have nailed the cheese down but then it would be a different sketch.