McDonald's Restaurant Rest Rooms - AIIIEEE! The FILTH!

I have been in McDonald’s restaurants in Missouri, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Arizona. I have also been the rest rooms of most of the McDonald’s I have been in.


My god, these places are cesspits! LITERALLY! Shit and piss and blood and bowl water on the seats. On the floors. On the walls. On the fucking ceiling! HOW does one shit on the CEILING? What. The. Fuck.

Now, I understand that many little children visit these little rooms. I understand that children have poor personal hygiene. But the baby isn’t the one leaving the shit-filled diaper on the floor! Holy fuck, I’ve met dogs with better bathroom habits.

But if you manage to slog through the Swamp of Bodily waste (wear rubber boots, not sandals - pro tip) and avoid the busted toilets with the assgaskets strewn about like party decorations the day after New Year’s and find the sinks you’ll find soap spewed like the money shot in a bad porn all over the basins and counters and mirrors. The taps - the ones that are working at all - will either dispense ice water or something just short of steam. Good luck finding anything to wipe your hands on, or dry them off.

More and more I see McDonald’s installing auto-flushers - yay! Toilet geysers. Holy fuck, if I wanted to see multi-colored water shooting up vertically I’d go to fucking Yellowstone! - and auto water taps and towel dispensers and hand dryers but why? It does no good! Their rest rooms are still conglomerations of shit, piss, menstrual blood, various “sanitary products” with or without menstrual blood in/on them, discarded diapers, toilet paper, towels, discarded food! (Og help us - is something eating in here? :eek: ), crushed flies, possibly other crushed bugs, and things I didn’t want to look at long enough to identify them.

Why? WHY? My god this is hideous.

::: runs off to find bleach :::

Huh. Haven’t been in a McDonald’s restroom for a while.

It wasn’t always that way. Ray Kroc, the man who made McDonald’s into a multinational powerhouse, was a huge believer in clean bathrooms. In fact, he didn’t like to hire college students because he believed that they wouldn’t get on their knees and scrub the damn toilets. Years ago, it was understood that McD’s food wasn’t especially good, but at least their bathrooms were clean.

Can anybody pinpoint the beginning of this decline?

Nope, all the one around here are uber-clean.

Say what you will about McDonalds, their bathrooms have always been clean as whistle in my experience.

I’ve never come across anything nastier than the very rare unflushed toilet in a McDonald’s restroom. Even in those cases, it’s clear that the restrooms have been cleaned and checked on a regular basis. That’s a factor in deciding where I’m gonna pull in, when I’m traveling by car.

All extremely clean here, too. The franchise owner by you must be awful. I’d report it to McDonald’s corporate offices if it’s that bad.

Well… in that case you should report 'em Broomstick. Seriously. Being able to count on a clean bathroom at McD’s is all kinds of awesome.

Call the local health department.

I hardly ever go to McDs, but they’ve always have clean bathrooms. At least the men’s rooms. Maybe the OP should try there next time :dubious:

I’ve never experienced such McFilth. They’re usually spic and span. In fact it’s probably what I love most about McDonalds, after the french fries (but only if they’re hot out of the fryer).

And you’ve nothing to say about the substances they try to pass off as food?

Been a long time since I’ve been to a McD’s since they don’t really serve anything for a vegetarian, but yeah, when I went I never saw anything bad, at all. Maybe it’s because I’ve been living in the land of their headquarters or something.

What do you think occasioned the previous, er, visitor’s trip to the loo?

Hmm… yes, while on a 1,000 mile road trip it will be very convenient to have to call the health departments of multiple states…

Upon reflection - the most recent batch were all rest stops on toll roads. Wonder if that could be a factor?

Perhaps the issue isn’t the public place you are in, but the local public that are in it? How can you pin nasty shit in a fast food joint on the corp. that owns it instead of the scum that make it so bad?

So you weren’t really at a McD’s, but at a gas station that leases space to McD’s. I might be wrong but the restroom facilities are under the watchful eye of the gas station/truck stop staff.

Um… because the other bathrooms owned/maintained by the likes of Hardees and Burger King and other fast food establishments on the exact same road were clean?

I just finished a 1,000 mile road trip. I pee’d early and often. Presumably, so did the rest of the traveling public. So why was it the McDonald’s restrooms that were trashed and not those at, say, Burger King?

Incorrect. This was on the Indiana tollway, the Ohio turnpike, a few spots of I-90 that were freeway in Pennsylvania, and some toll road in New York state. These were not “gas stations”, they were formal rest stops and indeed in several of them were prominently displayed plaques that said clearly that the restrooms were maintained by McDonald’s. NOT the folks at the gas station portion, where there were signs displayed that the rest rooms were at the stop restaurant(s) and the gas people had nothing to do with them. Nor do the people handing out travel information and tourist brochures. Neither do the people at the gift shop.

I would have been happier believing that the state of my local McDonald’s bathrooms were just a local aberration, but clearly they are not.

And really - in my experience (which I have in fact related in prior threads) many gas station toilets, while the floor and fixtures are worn due to use are actually quite clean and well kept. Road Pilot and Love’s truck stops both maintain a high level of sanitation in their restrooms, such that I actively seek them out on long trips. However, tollways apparently do not have them in this role, unlike the genuine freeways where they are plentiful. It was getting to the point where I was seriously considering leaving the tollway every time I needed to piss, except that would have been a colossal pain in the ass and would have added much more time to an already long trip.

So - same road, presumably same population using the facilities. Why were the bathrooms at a McDonad’s a literal stinking mess while the restrooms at the Hardees 30 miles east and the Burger King 36 miles west were clean?

Uh what ? You mean the unsafeness of the food ?

'Cause, like, you yourself live in the 3rd world where you gotta close your mouth when taking a shower (for those who even take them), so how come you give snark about McD’s ?

You do know that I’m not in North Korea, don’t you? South Korea’s economy is kind of high up the list of economies in the world. The running water here does not have an odor, either. Most people here take daily showers, by the way.

And I snark at any greasy food.

I’d certainly much rather drink (South) Korean tap water than US tap water*. Also, count me in with those who’ve never seen an unclean McDonalds’ bathroom.