McDuff Dress Wool - 6 yards

My FIL brought this bolt of fabric back from a business trip to the UK. My MIL has been carrying it around for decades, and after their recent downsize/move, she gave it to me. I hate to just dump it in a thrift store, but I have no need or desire to use it. I’m waaaay too Polish to pull it off. :wink:

Anyway, free to anyone willing to pay the shipping.

I haven’t unrolled it but what I can see appears to be in perfect condition. For anyone truly interested, I’ll give it a more thorough inspection.

Let me ask my wife, she’s usually on the lookout for fabric deals and wool would be right in her wheelhouse.

Edit: I’ll just go ahead and take ot off your hands, I know what her answer will be. I’ll PM you.

Terrific! This was easy!

Very nice! Congratulations to you both!