McMahon vs. Hulk Hogan

I watched Smackdown last night. I do like to watch the WWE when it doesn’t cost me anything…:).

I realize that it is all scripted, but one thing struck me. The monologue where McMahon addressed hogan and his history…The hatred. It came right out of my screen and oozed all over my floor. It was very real. Is McMahon a great actor or is his hatred for Hogan that deep??

McMahon doesn’t hate anyone who makes him money. His relationship with Hogan has had its ups and downs (as has his relationship with most of the superstars of wrestling), but McMahon has been doing that schtick for years. He got it down to a science when feuding with Steve Austin a few years back. McMahon doesn’t have a lot of range (acting-wise), but the he’s very good in his limited range.

I’d say the other way around. Hogan saved McMahon’s ass in real life when he was being tried for distributing steroids to wrestlers in the ol’ WWF days of the 80’s. Hogan denied everything and Vince was home free. If it weren’t for the Hulk, Vince would still be in jail right now.

Though, I believe Vince betrayed him by firing him or something or other. I got all this stuff from E! TV, so give me a break.

Vince just plays a great egomaniacal heel and most 'net fans would say he does it so well because that’s what he really is. I personally disagree but I don’t know if it’s 'cause I really think he’s a decent fellow or if I loathe know-it-all smarks so much that I automatically disagree with whatever they opine.

Anyway… there may be a sort of love/hate relationship going on between the two if for no other reason than Hogan’s involvement in the nWo, which came pretty close to putting McMahon out of business before he managed to turn the business around with his feud with Steve Austin. He definitely holds a grudge.