MDB Files

I had an overseas friend send me a CD he made of Italian Disney video titles and pictures. Unfortunately he send it to me as “mdb” files, which I assume are Microsoft Access database files. I don’t have Microsoft Access and I don’t really want to use the database, just extract the files. In the same sense that Adobe offers a free pdf reader if you just want to read pdf files, does anyone know of any (hopefully cheap) software that would allow you just to view and possibly extract info from these files?

You’d be welcome to email it to me. My SDMB email is valid. I have MS Access and can convert it to any file format you want.

Also found this site where you can download a database editor that should handle that format. Look for BackEdit 9 near the bottom of the page. It’s freeware.

You might also try opening them with MS Excel. When you choose “Open,” there’s a drop-down window where you can tell it to open files of types other than “.xls.” No telling what the results will look like, but it’s certainly worth a shot.

Did you get it to work, Eutychus?