"Me love you long time!"

I was wondering if I could get some help with the title/artist of this song.

Some friends and I have a joke about it, someone heard part of the video on MTV. The only part he heard was in a Chinese voice saying “Me love you, me love you, me love you long time!”

That’s about all we know. That and the video was banned from MTV for one reason or another.

Any help? Thanks :smiley:

That line, if nothing else, is from the one episode of South Park I’ve seen. Cartman falls on his head and thinks he’s a vietnamese hooker, and says this when trying to pick up a vet from the war.

“So Horny” by 2 Live Crew off “As Nasty as They Want To Be” record

A Miami based rap crew headed by Luther Campbell aka Luke Skyywalker. Their lyrics were some really nasty shit and quite frankly, they were sorta ok as far as ability to rap. The video was a tarted up strip video that you can now see regularly (though they were the first to try it and were banned)

The lyric “Me love you, me love you long time” is a sample from the Stanely Kubrick film Full Metal Jacket. It comes from a Vietnamese hooker propositioning Pvt Joker.

Wow, thanks Heath Doolin.

I found out the answer to my question and so much more.

Speaker from the Dead: I remember that episode :wink:


The original Vietnamese hooker who says that is in “Full Metal Jacket”.

It was in “Full Metal Jacket,” but it’s been around longer than that. I was in the Marines from 82-91, and even then, in the early 80s, it was an old cliche that probably originated during the Vietnam War.

Not sure about the OP, though.


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"Me love you long time, gee-eye! No chit!"
Yep! I certainly heard that a lot when I was stationed in Korea. Of course, it sounded a lot more sincere if you’d been drinking a lot of OB (the local beer), Oscar (Korean “Champagne”), and sounded like a profound expression of divine TRVTH if you’d been drinking Soju (don’t ask – nobody really remembers anyway ;)).


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Baloo I remember! Was drinking some last night with Astrofiancee as a matter of fact… Igo as they say 'round these parts…

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Although I had Soju several times, it was never the same experience. The first time I skipped drunk altogether and went straight into the hangover. The second time my friends and I were drinking Soju and 7-up, when we ran out of 7-up. I wasn’t feeling any apparent effects, so I volunteered to run downstairs to the vending machines and get us some more mixer. When I stood up and began walking, however, I noticed I actually was impaired. I didn’t feel drunk, though. Instead, it felt as if I had been smoking some rather good recreational herb. Damnedest drunk I’ve ever had, that was!