This morning after hand-squeezing fresh orange juice for all the children in my development (can’t have scurvy here!), I rescued a puppy, trained her as a guide dog and presented her to the orphanage down the street.

I called “Freeper Radio” and gave them a stern talking to - they’ve changed their agenda and will now be working as part of the Obama Team.

I showered, then dressed in one of my designer (but made to look just like one of you) jean outfits. I shook out my perfect locs, and decided to wear the gold chain and matching bracelet given to me by The Clintons after I tutored Chelsea in American History and French that semester.

Admiring eyes followed me as I strode purposefully to the bus stop. I was stopped more than once - “my eyes, my hair, the scent I wear” - can’t any of these guys find something new to say to me?

I dashed into the rush hour traffic to pick up the penny that nice old wrinkly lady dropped. (Too bad about those fender benders, but at least the lady is happy) (I’m glad my body is impervious to aging)

Well, off to work now - another mundane morning.