Me & my Tiara

So yesterday was April Fools Day. And, for the first time in my semi adult life, I’ve been in a work situation condusive to the occasion.

I dug around home and finally located my box of fake spills.

(wha? doesn’t everyone have one?)

took 'em in, and loaned them out. There was poor Jane who was freaked by the ice cream across the cassette tapes, and Terry who got bit by the Pepsi across the contracts. And poor Rob, the new guy who really had just spilled his coffee, and while he was running off to get paper towels, we put the fake coffe spill over the VCR tape in his cube.

ah yes, fun time had by all.

But the bestest thing about finding my treasured box o’ spills, was 'cause also inside was my Tiara.

Every woman should have one. Mine is subtle (only about 4 inches tall), lovely rhinestones, in an intricate heart/swirly pattern.

So, I thought, why the hell not. and wore it today.

Absolutely every single person walking by my cube did a double take, then, realized that it was me (who else). I told them “I got a promotion, you heard the queen mum died, didnt’ you?”

Guess I ran out of ‘seriousness’ pretty damned early this week.

I actually have a tiara, too.

I don’t think I’d ever had the gumption to wear it to work, though. It’s a pretty serious lot around here.

At one point I even had 2 tiara. But I think my mom gave one away.

(I got my tiara because I was an HQ in Job’s Daughters, how 'bout you?)

They’re a serious lot around there, too. Or at least they were until I arrived.

I bought mine 'cause, well, 'cause every woman should have one. :smiley:

Damn, I have always wanted a tiara!

Lucky you.

I wore mine at the last New York Dopefest, and it’s true – nothing says “Queen for a Day” like a tiara.

My friend got a crystal tiara for her Quincenera, and I desperately wish I had some reason to blow $70 on one of my own. :frowning:

Every girl needs a tiara for those moments when you want to feel a little more than ordinary.

Vacuuming - wear a tiara!
Jogging - wear a tiara!
Popping up the shops for some milk? You got it! Wear a tiara!

Yay! I have a beautiful gold-colored tiara (not very expensive, found it at Claire’s in the mall). I wore my tiara and 3-inch heel boots to my Modern Physics final last year. Hmm, wonder which final I should wear it to this year?

while it’s perfectly possible (and if anyone wishes to do so for me, please, feel free**) to spend great quantities of $$ on them, you can still get a fairly nice one from Oriental Trading Company for about 15$.

**please note, that while in general, I’m not partial to diamonds, I believe that a good tiara needs to have great quantiites of them (of course feel free to add rubies, emeralds and sapphires as well), yellow gold (14 KT would be best I think for the application) or perhaps platinum. your choice :smiley:

i must confess, i have a tiara as well. it has an open weave with little clear stones where the wire meets, little fake pearls hang in the the open parts of the weave. at present it is on the stuffed panda bear. she wears it well.

I have 2 tiaras. One is my everyday tiara, which is plain silver wire with pink stones. The other is my silver rhinestone Emergency Tiara, that I keep in my car, along with my Emergency Feather Boa, in case I need to suddenly appear regal, or perform a number. I urge everyone to keep these essentials in your car, next to your tire kit.

(Tip: Road flares make excellent pyrotechnics for impromptu numbers.)

Oh wow, you’re not going to London any time soon, are you? I was just at the Victoria & Albert Museum this weekend (the best sculpture museum outside Italy, for my money), where they have a temporary exhibit all about tiaras. That’s right, hundreds of beautifully ornate and dazzling tiaras, many of great historical interest. So decadent, but so worth checking out!

You know what, I only said “yes” and got married solely for an excuse to wear a tiara in front of over 100 friends and family.


Over two years later and I STILL love my tiara and don it whenever I have to perform a particular odious task like cleaning the toilet.

But, I’d never thought to wear it to work. Fantastic idea and fantastic line!

I have a tiara, too. I had to wear it to official functions, during parades and for a week at the Monroe County Fair while I served as 4-H Princess. You laugh, but I looked damned elegant in my tiara, sash and heels as I strolled regally through the sheep barn.

I haven’t worn it for years, though. Maybe I should dig it out. has some nice ones.

I love tiaras. I want one like Audrey Hepburn worn in Breakfast at Tiffanys-just a little mini comb to wear on top of a bun-I saw one at Claire’s for about 30 dollars.

Now I have to check out the Oriental Trading Company. Do they offer free catalogues? I am a total catalogue whore!

LOVE tiaras, boas, bracelets, gloves, rings, pretty jewelry. I’m SUCH a girl!

Had to post this link. I can find a comic strip for just about anything.

I have what my roommate Suzy calls the “quintessential goth tiara.”

It’s antiqued (dark) silver with silver rose decorations. In the middle of each silver rose is a garnet stone.

It kicks ass. I wore it out to eat on my birthday, along with my dark red formal.

I had a tiara, but I believe UncleBeer stole it at
(there’s a picture of him wearing it somewhere around here…)

Ginger of the North is now the proud owner of my tiara.

Thanks. I somehow imagined that tiaras might be a vestige of some fading Victorian past. I see it’s not so! I love the way they set off a woman’s head…and…scrambling a bit to express…so rarely worn innappropriately. And so often flattering. Jewelry suited to the moment. Yes. Very nice. Makes me want to don a top hat and dream.