meaning of a dream

Over the past week, I’ve had, on 3 separate occasions, sections of my dreams where I engage in hand-to-hand combat with Vin Diesel. <for the record, I do OK for myself, one draw and two victories>. Most of the time, we get into an argument over something as innocuous as where to go out boozing or as the result of a debate about the spec’s of certain cars.

I’m wondering what the hell this is supposed to mean. I entered “fighting” into a dream interpreting web-utility, and it told me that I had a lot of internal conflict going on and not to make any rash decisions. But I was fighting Vin Diesel, with whom I do not interact on a regular basis.

Any amateur astrologers out there?

Most of dream interpretation is crap because it is not personalized.

A jungian approach to dream interpretation would be for you to express archetypes of people and actions and how they relate to you. Do you relate the archetype of Vin Diesel to anything other than a sexy-voiced action hero? If so, the dream may have a better interpretative dream other than you just acting out machismo.

On the other hand, if you were wrestling with Vin Diesel and you were naked, it was most likely a wet dream. :slight_smile: MMM MMM Good!

Most people would be impressed if I beat up Vin or even fought to a draw. Your subconsious probably is telling you that your problem may seem tough and imposing but you can work it out.

Or you may be gay. :wink:
Now if you only knew what your problem was.