Meaning of "ETA"

I’ve seen several posts where someone puts a sentence at the bottom of their post preceeded by “ETA”.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out what it’s supposed to mean - can someone clarify?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I looked through the FAQ’s and Board Usage stuff and can’t find anything to tell me what it means…


Edited To Add.
ETA: See?

It means “Estimated Time of Arrival”.

ETA: Just kidding. In the context you describe, it’s “Edited To Add”.

Edited To Add (the sentence after the abbreviation).

Not a stupid question, it had me puzzled for awhile too.
ETA meand “edited to add…”
ETA I see that in the time it took me to type that three others answered the question!

Edited to add. It’s not on the faq since it’s a vaguely recent term, since post editing has only been here for a few years now and the faq gets updated maybe once a decade. Basically it’s a postscript of sorts.

And the reason people us it is in case someone responds to the original post; it lets people see what the respondent might have been responding to.

Just don’t confuse ETA with PETA.

Of course, if you frequent message boards dealing with Basque independence, you should be pretty wary of the posters using that as a sign off…

I et a Cheeseburger fer lunch.

ETA: coupla fries too.

ETA follows ZETA. See? Easy.

Rio, by Duran Duran.

That’s Greek to me.

I also use NETA when I needed to add something to a post, but didn’t get it in in time. The N stands for not.

I believe there is another initialism that some people use.

I usually use EDIT: to denote a comment added in later because it’s slightly more clear what it means.

ETA is a bloggers term for adding things, much like PS.

Why the person doesn’t just bump the addition up, I don’t know. Maybe they think it’s cure. Anyway, that’s what they are telling you.

That’s “cute”, right?

The advantage of identifying something with “ETA” is that if someone reads your post before you edit it, they can see at a glance what you’ve added. It’s a bit academic here because the edit window is so short, but on other forums I think it can make for easier reading. I guess it’s also a sort of courtesy to people responding to your post, in that it makes clear that their “failure” to respond to something you’ve said is because it wasn’t there when they themselves posted.

Yeah. The other reason I try to remember to use it in various heated debates is to make it clear why I was editing, so that it doesn’t look like I had a change of heart about an insult or something. There’s the ‘reason for editing’ bit at the bottom, but it’s too small for adding actual content.

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