meaning of Natalie Merchant's "Wonder"

The song is about…what…exactly?

From the song wiki

We recently saw the documentary Paradise is There, a Memoir by Natalie Merchant about the 20th anniversary re-recording of her album Tiger Lily. The song *Wonder *has been adopted as an anthem by parents of special needs children. The screening was at Chicago’s Gene Siskel Film Center and Merchant was at the screening answering questions. The doc features parents of several children with various conditions, including a pair of sisters with a genetic defect that made their skin produce the effect of 3rd degree burns from practically any contact.

On another message board, some guy was asking for suggestions for a song for the father-daughter bride first dance. Someone suggested “Wonder” by Natalie Merchant. Very quickly people suggested that the poster did not understand the meaning of the song.

I always picture a girl with Down’s Syndrome when I hear this song. Is it my imagination, or is it one of the images from the video?I don’t *think *I’ve seen the video (don’t like Merchant and don’t particularly like the song so don’t know why I would watch).

The video shows a number of women and girls singing/dancing including a young girl who appears to have Downs Syndrome.

Shit, it’s been 22 years since Natalie left 10000M ? Well, now I feel old.