meaning of symbols on heirloom ring

I have recently been given a ring that belonged to my uncle who died in 1981. I would like to know some information on it (the internet isn’t helping much).

I suspect the ring has something to do with an organization my Uncle belonged to but I’m clueless as to what that organization might be.
Here are the details:

Has a double headed eagle on the front.
There is a shield on the breast of the eagle with a diamond in it.
There are 4 diamonds on either side bordering the eagle
There is a red cross on the side of the ring
A white rose is superimposed on the red cross
On the other side is a black triangle with the number “32” in it.

Anyone have an idea what this means or where the ring came from. I’m not interested so much in the value of it, though I would entertain suggestions on what I ought to do with it (I don’t want to keep it in ANOTHER safety deposit box for 20 years)

Could it be a Masonic ring? I understand that being a “thirty-second degree Mason” means you’re a Big Noise in Masonic circles.

Your local museum or historical society might be interested in having it.

I have three rings very similar to the one you describe. Your uncle was probably a Scottish Rite mason. So am I. The “eagle that looks both east and west” symbolizes our willingness to search for enlightenment in other parts of the world. The bird perches on the sword of justice. This symbolizes that justice will come to those who deserve it. We’re not claiming that task for ourselves, understand. That’s the Almighty’s job. The cross and rose are symbols of the Rose Croix degree, in which the mason is instructed to learn what wisdom he can from the teachings of Jesus. The 32 in a triangle is another SR symbol, and it identifies the wearer as a 32nd degree mason. The diamonds are just for show, and they don’t have any symbolism of their own.

These rings are pretty common among SR masons. While it’s possible this one was passed down for a few generations, it’s not a rare piece. Ask a jeweler to be sure.

It means “One Ring to Rule them All, One Ring to Find Them…”
Watch out for Black Riders.

Thanks for your help. I thought it might have been Mason related but the internet didn’t give me anything about those particular symbols.

Now, What am I going to do with it?

It’s up to you. New rings like that are going for 500-1000 dollars US, depending on the size of the stones. You could keep it, offer it for sale, or have the stones reset in a new ring for yourself.