Means of enjoying clickbait content while avoiding clickbait torture?

Click bait slideshows of varying kinds can often contain very fun and interesting images, that is why they are clickbait.

But like everybody with half a brain I have lost all patience with actually clicking through the fucking images unless they are insanely fascinating or incredibly fast and responsive.

Has anyone developed software or a means of just bypassing all of the page after page and waiting and waiting and clicking and waiting that I no longer do even though I want to see the pictures? Mac has some website sucking software that would seem to be the answer but really are not.

Sidenote: I try to make it a point to thank and congratulate the rare website that offers the option of “all on one page” or thumbnail gallery at least. I click on their ads and buy stuff except that’s not an option in my world right now. I encourage you to do the same.

I can’s answer your specific question, but I do exercise at least one control: I reopen the clickbait in a new tab, and follow it there. At least, it is then possible to get out of it and back where I was, just by closing the tab, and not having to back all the way out again click by click.

I have, on occasion, googled the title of the clickbait and can often find the images all on one page. I don’t know if someone else is re-posting them in an easier format or if the clickbait site is the one re-posting the images in such a way that maximizes clicks.

And sometimes the clickbait site itself has that option.

I usually look up the clickbait title in Google as well, and there is a very good chance that the entire list will be on a single page in BuzzFeed. Odds are the original images are from somewhere else (neither BuzzFeed or the clickbait site), like Reddit or Imgur, but the clickbait sites typically copy directly from BuzzFeed without any changes to the headline or image descriptions.

Doesn’t always work on every site, but when it does, it’s glorious.

If you ever find yourself accidentally following a long chain of links in your main tab, and want to back up many steps at once, right-click on your back arrow and you’ll get a list of all of the sites in the chain.

If deslide doesn’t understand it, I tend to not bother. But it works really well on most slide show type clickbaits.

You don’t have to buy stuff. Just clicking on their ads will usually ensure they’ll get paid. If I find a website/webpage to be useful, I almost always try to click on an ad. (I do it for this site. I’m not a paid member, but I do “pay” for my use of this site by clicking on ads every day.) I have a hierarchy…I click on ads for credit cards, for-profit universities, insurance companies, big pharama, oil companies etc ---- companies that can afford it and aren’t that ethical about how they earn money first. I try to avoid clicking on an ad by a local business and never click on non-profit ads as I don’t want to chance them being charged for the click. (Ad placement charges is a whole other topic.)

But I’m a faithful ad clicker. That because I have my own site and the pittance only gets credited to my account when someone clicks on an ad on it. It took almost five years to earn $100 in the account and Google doesn’t pay out a penny until your account has $100 in it.

So, if a website helps me, I try to help it by clicking on their ad(s).

But after a dozen clicks or so, it’s clicks all the way down, beyond the capacity of the menu. Same thing by just clicking History. Even now, if I right click the arrow, it’s SD all the way down.

What I do if I’m sucked into reading one of those clickbait articles (e.g., 15 State Secrets the CIA Doesn’t Want You to Know), I open it in a new private/incognito window. I figure at least that denies them the knowledge of which site led me to their article. Now that doesn’t address the issue of needing to click through fifteen screen to find out all of the state secrets, but it is slightly satisfying.