SDMB Clickbait Fails

There have been several mentions recently of inappropriate or coincidental clickbait ads here on the Dope - one in the anal sex thread and others.

I’ve recently encountered two that struck me as absurd or funny. One’s a tech failure, the other is just… awkward.


[li]SDMB Clickbait failure 1[/li][li]SDMB Clickbait failure 2[/li][/ul]
Or maybe it’s just me. Yours?

I don’t click on links that aren’t well-described by the poster.

So I guess this is another clickbait fail.

I use an adblocker. So I don’t see them. I guess that’s more clickbait fail.

I pay the membership fee. Also clickbait fail?

The images are well described. They’re links to images of ads.

That said, I’m surprised you see them, AB. I thought you were anti-ad, and, of all places, blocking ads here makes sense due to malware risk.

I also have adblock. And Dopers don’t tend to use Clickbait titles. So maybe a more general “click bait fail” thread would be better? I’ll be on the lookout for them.

The sheet one is a) not clickbait. Ads aren’t clickbait unless they use provocative and misleading terminology, b) what’s wrong with that one, per se?

Okay, okay, we have different senses of humor or something. :slight_smile:

I don’t subscribe to the Dope right now, so I do see a line of YOU MAY LIKE ads at the bottom of most pages, even running AdBlocker Plus. Most are inane; some struck me as funny. The first one is a technical fail I find funny because so many are presented as “People in [my microscopic home town, or one of the nearby flyspecks] Do This That and The Other Thing!” and it’s sourly amusing to see the code exposed.

Anyone who doesn’t find the second one, the sheets one, slightly… off-key is excused from the thread.

Every single page I load has “How to fixed cracked feet” with the horrible picture of some nasty looking greasy foot being de-condomed.

Enough to put you off your lunch.