Meatloaf video actress

Who is the actress that performed opposite Meatloaf in the video I Would Do Anything For Love ?

  • Rick

Dana Patrick.

So did I win this “Bricker Challenge?”:smiley:

Well, usually I like to know the answers to the Bricker Challenges before I post the questions…

But I’m certainly impressed - thanks for the quick response!

  • Rick

For more on Dana, go here.

I may be showing my age here, but I remember a live video of this song with Karla De Vito. (This was around 20 years ago or so, back when MTV first came out.)

Is there a new/newer video out.

arara123, you’re thinking of the videos for several songs from Bat Out of Hell. Something like four videos were shot on the same day on the same set with the same people, including Ms. DeVito. She did not sing on the album or in the videos. The vocals to which she lip-synched were done by Ellen Foley, who, among other things, played a public defender on Night Court for a while.

I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That) was from Bat Out of Hell II, released a couple decades after the videos featuring Ms DeVito.

Now, I wonder if anyone can figure out who provides the female vocals for ‘I would do anything for love’…

She is refered to as ‘Mrs. Loud’ in the credits for Bat Out of Hell, but her real name is not printed (probably because of some agreement between Meatloaf’s record label, and that of Mrs. Loud).

Well, about 8(?) years ago, when they were on tour promoting that album, I saw them in concert… the girl who was in the video is the same one who was singing on stage, and she was really singing, not just lip syncing.
I remember, during Paradise, her outfit got torn off, to leave her in a (very) sexy black bra and panties… (this was part of the show, btw… not an accident)

I don’t know the name of the actress, but on VH1’s program “Behind the Music,” they did a profile on Mr. Loaf, and one of the people in the interviews was the singer who supplied the vocals, who was indeed identified by name (and, surely enough, “Loud” was not any part of it–I remember that much).

Also, they showed Loaf’s two daughters, both of whom were very cute (teen-aged) girls. Shocking, you say? Then try this: One of them has a definite resemblance to the mom. The other, weeeeell. . . .

Is this true? No disrespect, but the vocals on “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” sound an awful lot like Karla, whose underrated album, “Is This a Cool World or What?” showcased her talents.