Meatloaf's long lost twin 'sister'. GAH! (You've been warned.)

The Smoking Gun

It is so frightening, yet I cannot turn away.


Ick ick ick ick ick.

Thanks Shirley. Now I think I’ve seen everything. :smiley:


That’s so twisted :smiley:

If you would do anything for love, would you do that?

Meatloaf RAWKS! He was “Eddy” in RHPS and don’t yew fergit it! But yes, she turns my insides to knots with revulsion!

It’s like a gory accident! Shirley warned us, and we STILL looked! AHHHH! I need a shower!

No. As a matter of fact, just because you asked that, I hereby announce my celibacy for the rest of my natural life.


But, Trip, I thought you’d announced that a long time ago.

[sub]Not that I’d ever believed you, mind… ;)[/sub]


Ick and double ick.

Did anyone else hit the other links provided to see the cross dressing minister?

Yeah, well, consider this the final nail in the coffin.

Ick. And again, “ick”. . .

It wasn’t so bad.

Was it?

Yes, yes it was. . .

And I was wearing polarized glasses at the time.

I’m now temporarily blind in one eye. . .

shrugs So?