Mechanical pencil recommendations

I’m missing having a mechanical pencil. Anyone have a good suggestion for one, preferably lower cost and available on Amazon? It doesn’t need to be able to impress people.

The Pentel P207 is my favorite mechanical pencil and I won’t use any other. I like how it looks, too. You do have to be careful with the pressure you apply on the eraser due to how it’s held in the pencil body (being a replacable eraser). I tend to use a pen stick eraser along with it for when I need to erase larger areas or with more force, so the little eraser in the pencil doesn’t get messed up. Since you asked specifically about something you can order on amazon, this is the product listing page for it:

If I carried a mechanical pencil away from my desk it would soon be lost so on top of the nice ones left over from my drafting days I would buy these disposablesto carry around. They can be refilled, but the point is you don’t mind losing them.

Pentel’s Quicker Clicker was the only pencil I used all through high school and college. I never used pens. I always had packs of extra lead and erasers with me, as well.

I really like my Zebra M-301. The M-701 is ok but isn’t as comfortable in my hand as the 301. : zebra pencil

I really love the Faber Castell Grip Plus 0.7mm as my go-to sudoku and crossword pencil, with the standard leads swapped a softer 2B for a lovely black mark. It has a fatter barrel than most and is very comfortable to grip. It also a really excellent twist-action eraser which is about an inch long and replaceable. It does seem to be more expensive in the US than the UK though, with the cheapest one from Amazon at $18 compared to roughly $8 here. Usually these price discrepancies go the other way.

I’ve given up on mechanical pencils and gone back to wood. They apparently don’t make my favorite anymore. It had a nice thick lead, and you advanced it by twisting the metal eraser holder at the top. All mechanical leads break too easily for me now.

Kuru Toga! There are several models, but they all have the same key feature. Each time you tap the lead to paper, a small gear system in the body of the pencil rotates the lead slightly. So as you write, you won’t be developing an undesireable sharp, chiseled edge that creates a variable width line and breaks easily. You’ll have a nice smooth, consistent line no matter what.

The less expensive versions are plastic, and while they work just fine, I thought they weren’t substantial enough. I have one of the metal bodied versions, a Kuru Toga Roulette and will not give that up.

Here’s a summary of the various versions. Most all of them are on Amazon, sometimes in office supply stores too…


I used to love the Staedtler 2mm pencils, since the lead didn’t break when you looke at.

I wanted to suggest my favorite, the Sanford Logo 0.7mm mechanical pencil.
Not only did it do a fine job as a writing instrument, but the eraser was almost as long as the entire pencil and was advanced by twisting the barrel. In addition, the eraser was the soft kind you get in a stick eraser, so lasted longer and erased cleaner. Really great for my kind of work where I needed to note lots of things that frequently got changed.

Alas, though, an attempt to find a link seems to show that Paper Mate made them after Sanford, but no one makes them now.
So I didn’t help the OP unless they can find some lying around. (I see they are available on eBay, but I’m sure that wasn’t the plan.)

I have ordered the thin Staedtler MarsMicro through Amazon. Love 'em. I find the .07 perfect for note taking and writing up lectures.

I prefer mechanical pencils myself. As far the leads breaking too easy, I’ve had a harder time sharpening regular pencils with a pencil sharpener and having the leads break on them than I have had with any mechanical pencils.

My favorite is the Sanford Technician II 0.5mm. They are apparently discontinued but I still have enough to keep me supplied for a while.

I’ve carried a 209 for 15 years. These are awesome.

My favorite is the rOtring 600. Not super-cheap, but a nice solid all-metal body with a little heft to it. I have the 2mm lead holder, but it’s also sold in mechanical pencil form.

My gateway drug to the world of weighty mechanical pencils with knurled metal barrels was the Staedtler Mars Technico 780, which I like almost as much as the rOtring, and is 1/3 the price.

I’ve been swearing by the Pentel P205 (.5mm rather than .7mm) since the mid-1970’s in my Jr. High School days.

When I was in Japan, I found a .3mm mechanical pencil and bought that because the thinner lines somehow made my Kanji and kana look cleaner (I can’t explain it, really). Refill leads are harder to find (American stores don’t seem to carry them, and they’re not worth buying on-line unless I’m ordering a few other things at the same place) so I don’t use it as much – plus I use a keyboard more than I hand-write now-a-days.


That’s the kind I always used. Kinda wish I had one now, for nostalgia’s sake, even though I haven’t had a need to use a pencil in a couple of decades.

Really? You’d pay $4.00 to 5.00 for a mechanical pencil? At one time you could get Pentel Techniclicks at the 99 Cents Only store (.99 each, of course). Not only a great mechanical pencil (side advance, etc.), but a beautiful design. (The Quicker Clicker is just ugly, though it works fine.)

I say bring back the original Techniclick.

I view a mechanical pencil as a different thing from a 2.0mm lead holder. But anyway…

If you’re willing to spend extra, the all-metal Rotring 500 is about the best I can recommend. Just be sure to get at least a 0.7mm (they go as thin as 0.35mm if you really need it).

The one I use most often is a Milan RGV 1.3mm. But good luck finding one in the states (or lead for it). Looks like JetPens has a Japanese made 1.3mm mechanical pencil.

I like my Pentel P205. There are better built pencils out there, but in my opinion there are none more comfy.