Just thought about mecurochrome for the first time in years. It worked wonders when I was a kid. Stung like the devil! And, I, too, played with the mercury out of thermometers. Maybe all this helped build up my immune system. What do you think?

I still have mercurocrome in the medicine cabinet. I thought it worked good.

Are we talking about this column?

I’m not scared of mercury or lead that much. They both can be chealated out of the body by eating garlic. If you injest lead it’s good to eat eggs for breakfast for a few days also. It binds to the lead and keeps it from leaving the digestive system. Nothing is fullproof but this knowledge of chemistry is the basis for treatment in the hospitals. I am trying to figure how to get to the original articles, I found that one by clicking on the link you gave but can’t seem to get to the others.

The immune system doesn’t have much to do with heavy metal poisoning. Nor is it possible to build up resistance to heavy metal poisoning, unlike, say, iocane.


I did not know that. I must be relatively mercury free 'cause I put garlic in damn near everything! Good to know.

Cite? :dubious:

Also, to the Oposter–try Iodine.

Seaweed, got another natural remedy now. Works differently but works. Thanks Tricor

I thought it was possible to build up resistance to arsenic. (I wish to God it was possible to build up resistance to platinum.)

I seem to have a natural resistance to Gold.
…Silver, Copper, fungible grains, …

So did I. It was in a Dorothy Sayers novel.

Strong Poison

All I remembered about heavy metals was that they bind to receptor cells and that the immune response doesn’t have very much to say in the matter. Cecil says that an immunity to certain metals can be built up here though

I remember my government/econ teacher in school many years ago talking about Rasputin building up a resistance to arcenic by taking low doses of it over many years. He was paranoid but someone did attempt to poison him and failed so they shot him the next day. He must have smelled like garlic because a person who has arsenic poisoning usually smells garlicy. I guess his immunity didn’t save him.

Building a resistance to heavy metal toxins would be possible but there are certain things that allow the toxins to pass the blood brain barrior so thinking could get distorted if the wrong foods are injested. Knowing the antidotes and techniques for administering treatment would be prefered.

It’s “ingested.”

You’re right.

Didn’t help against lead poisoning.