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I suffer from insomnia and my doctor wrote me an RX for the highest dosage of Lunesta. The first night, it didn’t put me to sleep, so m doctor suggested I take Tylenol with the Lunesta. My question is this: Does Acetaminophen aid Lunesta in putting someone to sleep or did my doctor give me 650 mg’s of plesebo?

Placebo? No.

Acetaminophen is a pain-killer, and many sleep specialists recommend use of non-narcotic pain relievers as an adjunctive treatment to try to induce healthier sleep.

Good luck to you. I’ve not found that any of the prescription sleep medications are very useful for more than a few nights.

Why? What is the purpose?

The hypothesis is that it relieves low levels of pain which, while not all that noticeable, may be preventing some people from getting to sleep.

I’m not sure if there’s good data to back it up or not, but there you go.

I’m a pretty bad insomniac, too, so I’ll definitely ask my doctor whether or not I should try adding Tylenol to my Ambien. Couldn’t hurt to ask.

I seriously loathe insomnia. And, not that QtM needs anyone to echo him, it’s been my experience that if you use Ambien fairly regularly, you develop a tolerance for it. I started out by taking a half dose, which initially put me to sleep. After a little while, the full dose had zero effect.

I’ve learned to only use it when I absolutely must be up early the next day (I’m rather fortunate in that my job and education don’t require early rising.) Of course I’ve done all of the other things - no caffeine at all, nothing but sex and sleep in bed, etc., but I’m just one of those people who can’t turn their brain off when bedtimes rolls around. Short of CT/MRI, I’ve been poked and prodded every which way but loose and, except for stomach troubles I’ve had since birth, seem to be pretty healthy.

About the only thing I’m just unable to do is continually get up early after only a few hours of sleep. My gastritis and IBS are always markedly worse when I don’t get enough sleep, which basically makes me worthless all day. It’s not that I’m in pain at night, but mornings are an absolute bitch.

Long tangent, I know. But copperwindow, I feel your pain.