Media bias favors McCain, not Obama

To the extent there is any. Now can we please drop this anticipatory-sour-grapes meme about the liberal media being “in the tank” for Obama? If McCain loses this election, it will be because the people prefer the Democrat this time around. It will not be because of any Dem dirty tricks, or “voter fraud,” or media bias, or Obama’s Wright or Ayers or Rezko connections not getting enough play.

BrainyG … you’re smarter than that.

It’s about when and how something is reported, not whether the subject is mentioned.

There has been news about Ayers, Wright and Rezko in the last year. The media has “covered” them only to the extent they can’t ignore it like they’d like to.

What new news has there been about Keating or Liddy?

You know that tape the LA Times won’t release about the PLO spokesman that Obama was celebrating with (don’t ask me to cite it… how can I)? No news there either huh?

If you can’t cite it how the hell do you know about it?

Media bias is inversely proportional to your political affiliation.


Which of those is “news” and which are just smears dug up by Rove, Inc.? Almost every Republican talking point gets covered here as “News”, even when it’s just “Palin says Obama is bad”, film at Eleven stuff.

Even worse, ever since the Rush Limbaugh and his ilk started bitching about the “MSM”, you see ridiculous crap on almost every news show when they cover politics. Usually they have an “expert” from both sides who just proceed to give their party’s spin, all in the name of being “fair and balanced”, instead of investigating which claims are valid.

The banking crisis, notable for its similarity to the S&L crisis, which involved the Keating Five. That’s what journalists call a “news hook.”

You cited a liberally funded 501 © (3) for an opinion on news bias. You were done before you started.

Nothing there substantiates anything you allege. And Khalidi is not a PLO spokesman, he’s a Palestinian academic, who, shockingly, would like a bit of his homeland back. Which everywhere but the USA is seen as a perfectly reasonable ambition.

How is the Pew Research Center then?

So let me get this straight: if a liberal organization says there’s no media bias, we can ignore it.

But if a conservative organization says there’s media bias, we stop the presses?

I threw down the gauntlet. If you have a comparable countercite, bring it. Of course, by your standards such a countercite, regardless of the sources or funding or bias or lack of bias of the studies it was based on, would only be credible if it did not come from Accuracy in Media or some RW think-tank. Good luck. :wink:

That’s a blog. I believe CRSP asked for a cite.

Sorry if I was unclear. I do not buy all that crud I linked to…just providing a link to the allegation further upthread is all in the interests of information.

I guess, when SNL decided to do their skit about the media giving softballs to Obama during his primary fight with Clinton, they were really taking a risk, huh? Since there was no bias, noibody really knew what they’d be talking about.

How odd that nearly everyone who saw it knew instantly why it was funny.

How does that prove that media bias exists? It only proves that the audience believes media bias exists.

You could have a skit about more babies being born on the full moon, but it don’t make it so.

Clearly, everything that SNL has ever joked about has a basis in reality.

Or not.

One of the Keating Five running for president is kinda new…

I’m sure they’ve done pieces of completely non-sequiter humor.

But no – this political piece was not non-sequiter humor. They were emphasizing the phenomenon that everyone saw by exaggerating it. That’s a very well known approach to humor.

I’ll say it again … conservatives claim a liberal mainstream media bias solely because the mainstream media is *not *conservative.

It doesn’t matter how down the middle any reporting is, if they don’t support the right, in their minds they are automatically supporting the left.

When Limbaugh and his ilk spew their bullshit it’s considered fair and true because it’s what they want to hear. When CNN floats a headline that doesn’t trash the left, it’s not what the want to hear, ergo, biased.
I really don’t think a lot of conservatives know what “bias” means most of the time.