Medical applications of urine

In (Can urinating on your feet in the shower cure athlete’s foot?) you point out that since urine is sterile it is not of any use to help cure athlete’s foot or any other skin condition.

I was surprised that you did not address the popular notion that urine be used on jelly-fish stings. Is that BS as well?

Old Wives’ Tale? Urine as Jellyfish Sting Remedy (abc news)
Vinegar Works Best, Doctors Say
By DR. ARCHANA REDDY - Aug. 8, 2006

Have a look down the page, as we’ve been talking all about pee in this thread, including the specific thing you’re asking about.

Actually, the article doesn’t say that. It does say urine is (usually) sterile and it does say that it isn’t effective at curing fungal skin diseases, but it doesn’t link these two facts in the way you suggest.