Medical dopers a question for you

Yes this is a request for advice but I think it will pass muster by the mods.

My father has been hospitalized because he is passing blood and clots through his penis. His general doctor and uroligist believe it is because of his enlarged prostrate. They do not believe he has prostrate cancer.

My parents are not as good as they once were at asking questions so what I’m asking for as advice is

  1. What questions should they be asking the doctors?
  2. Where I can read about the different surgery options
  3. In your opinion can this type of surgery done on a 75yo man in any hospital or would he be better going into NYC or Philadelphia?

If they are looking at removing his prostate, look into Trans-urethral Resection of the Prostate aka TERP. IANAD I was just an EMT, but this is a fairly common procedure and I would be surprised if it could not be done at any local hospital. I would imagine its going to be more about the surgeon doing the procedure than the hospital anyway.

I’m sure there will be plenty of options in a google search for those terms as well.

TURP–not TERP. Oh, and p-r-o-s-t-a-t-e!

The list of potential causes underlying hematuria (blood in the urine) is much longer than prostate cancer.
A urologist is the correct specialist.

It is not possible to determine from your post what surgery is being considered, and why.

It is not possible to make a generalization of NYC versus Philadelphia.

In general, look for a Board Certified Urologist working out of a well-regarded hospital that does a large number of the specific type of procedure being considered.

Thank you drachillix and Chief Pedant

From what I understand from my mother he is throwing clots and having trouble urinating because of the size of the prostate. They believe it is not cancerous but just large and fatty.

His uroligist said he will need a Open prostatectomy because of the size. From what my mother told me tonight my father was in so much pain today he was asking to be shot. His uroligist said this is NOT emergency surgery and it will take a few days to book the OR and a second doctor to assist him.

My mother spoke to my father’s Primary doctor today after talking to the Urologist and my father’s primary doctor said they would be operating either tomorrow (now today) or Friday.

At this point I don’t think I can ask any questions that would not be considered medical advise so I am not going to ask anything and it will either die off on its own or someone will post their opinion and it will end up in IMHO