Medical Question: Strange Nerve Behaviour

About ten years ago, I was involved in a car wreck that resulted in my having to have surgery on my knee (I was fortunate).

I have noticed, starting shortly after the stitches were removed up to the current day, that there is now a spot on the top of my kneecap that, when touched, results in the sensation of being touched beneath the kneecap. And vice-versa, the two locations being approximately equivalent.

Is it possible that somehow the nerve endings from these two locations were switched in the accident/surgery*? Or is there some other explanation? If the first, shouldn’t my brain have adapted so that the sensations reversed back to “normal”? Or am I confused about the workings of the nerves/brain.

*(I am perfectly willing to accept a personal physiological abberation as a reason for this - it wouldn’t surprise me to find out my body’s weird.)