Medical Question

Never take one persons answer as final! Everybody makes mistakes, some of them very serious !!!

bb MD

Ummm, I don’t really have an answer for your question. I was wondering if you could clarify it. I seem to have missed it altogether, actually. Though, this sounds like good advice.

Sorry Rob,
I’m new at this. I was trying to communicate to an earlier post. ie: advice to a person about a bump on the chin. I’ll get the hang of this, with time and experiance.


Welcome to the board, poppy (Dr. poppy?)


Thank you CAT Hope I don’t screw everything up!

Welcome poppyp. Don’t worry about it, it takes some time to get used to everything.

Welcome to the boards. :slight_smile:

Thank Rob, I needed that! see, y’all soon.

Well poppyp, we often say not to take medical info from the net; but we still have the right to say what we think things may be.