medical tests

How do you cope with medical tests? I went to see a doctor yesterday for a problem with my throat who has calmly ordered tests ranging from blood and urine to x-rays and ultrasounds to figure out whether or not I am climbing my cancer riddled family tree. I get the radiology done tomorrow, I am still trying to figure out when and where to have the rest done this week.

I am freaking out. I had assumed I would be coming out with a prescription for antibotics or being called a hypochodriac or something. Anyone got any hints on how to spend the next week or so in a semi-sane way?

It is just me, the tv and the cat. Due to a disability I am currently not working. That leaves a lot of time and space for funeral planning.
[sub]Being a fat grrl I figure those I hate the most in the world get to be the pall bearers…[/sub]

Honestly? You get used to it.

I get an assload of bloodwork done every few months for my job. You just simply to get in line, have 5 vials of blood drawn and wait the 2 months for the paperwork to get back that tells you if you’re going to live or die. Same thing goes with my radiation badge. We don’t have colour indicators for exposure, just long term dosage detection. So again it’s kinda a crap shoot.

If you’re concerned about it, when the doctor starts ordering tests just ask him to explain.

Anyhoo, good luck and I hope the tests that come back negative are the ones that are supposed to be negative.

*Sorry it’s a joke from some of the blood work I had. They entered the wrong ID code for some data so it said I had no white blood cells :slight_smile:

The doctor explained wonderfully. I know exactly why she ordered the tests. She also had the decency to warn me that if these come back negative she will be wanting me to see a specialist for more tests she can’t order/perform herself. Seems I will have plenty of opportunity to get used to the waiting.

Glad to hear it gets easier to deal with. I have been through this sort of thing before but not for a long time and I just was not expecting it yesterday. It has thrown me for a loop. It does not help that my SO is 9000 miles away. If it proves to be something nasty we’ll get her here ASAP but not just for the waiting.

Repression is always good :slight_smile:

Simply focus on not thinking about the tests, I find watching large amounts of Buffy helps in this scenario.

If you need a hand to hold or a lift anywhere or even just someone to share war stories with let me know.

When I’m worried silly, I find it helpful to do a lot of needlework. Cross-stitch, knitting, crocheting, I’ve even tried tatting. Knitting is particularly good because you can watch TV or listen to the radio while you do it. Or you could dedicate yourself to vacuuming the cat, who is probably shedding at this time of year. Of course, that might lead to needing MORE medical procedures…

When you go to get the tests done, make sure you take along a good book or magazine. Some offices only have magazines that cater to one particular taste. I, for example, do not really care for People magazine, or any magazine that focuses on sports.

ROFL Lynn. I am not exactly the needlework and knitting type (I am the only person in history who managed to fail the semester of needlework my girls’ school insisted upon :wink: ) but I take the point and perhaps will set about building stuff over the next little while. Nothing like using power tools to make your worries disappear.

I felt very guilty and kind of dirty reading trash mags at the dr’s yesterday so a book is a good thing to pack.


Thylacine, if you’d like, I can give you a call. I’m quite willing and happy to be your wailing wall, should you so desire. Cancer or anything to do with that or tests an’ stuff does not freak me out.

Send me an email, let me know, and I can be on th’ phone after 4 pm your time, no sweat. If a call from me will help things, I’d be happy to do it for a good and wonderful friend such as you.

Th’ offer is there, love. :slight_smile:

Don’t just take the book for the waiting room, take it in the room with you when they do the test or whatever. I once read during a lumbar puncture. The MD thought I was crazy, but it helped to distract me. You won’t be able to read through everything, but I would be willing to bet you will have downtime at various points even after the waiting room. I am having my gallbladder out tomorrow and I plan to keep my book until they pry it out of my anesthesized hands. :slight_smile:

Best of luck. The odds are with you that this will turn out to be nothing.

I also vote for repression. To make sure that works, you’ve got to keep busy-- I clean and organize while listening to music and watching TV at the same time. Any time you’re forced to be idle, try to have a fiercely engrossing book to read, no matter how trashy. Get out and go window shopping if you can, talk to anybody who’ll stand still. Great way to meet interesting people and you can talk about them, which they’ll love, keeping your mind off your own stuff.

I will loan you my medical mantra-- Everything will be just fiiiine.

No advice, no experience with tests and nothing new.

Just popping in to offer my best wishes. I’m sure the wonder-cat will be of great comfort to you :slight_smile:

I find wandering around in a vicious temper does wonders for me. It also leads to everyone except Jim the Magnificently Stupid Cat leaving me alone for hours on end.

P the Younger is seeing the neuropsych tomorrow and I’m pretty certain I know the diagnoses already. That’s worse in some ways. It especially sucks when you already know that if these tests come back as normal, you’re in for another round in your case. Take care, eat chocolate, read good books and cuddle the WonderCat.

Repression is the ticket, indeed! Worrying over the tests won’t make anything better, and if you can manage to keep calm now, you’ll save your energy in case you do need to deal with anything later. I got a call today from my doctor’s nurse telling me to come in for a colposcopy (abnormal Pap), but I’m sure I’m just fine, and I’m sure you will be too.

Thanks for the good wishes and hints folks. I suspect once I actually have the tests done I will feel better about them. I am aiming to have all of this round over with by tomorrow.

Repression, check.
Keeping busy. check.
Getting comfort from the magnificent cat. um, um, does being bitten for having the audacity to be out and about more than usual count? :wink:

I’m writing you an email dear Wolfie, I was offline yesterday afternoon when you wrote. Good luck Brynda,Primaflora and Internet Legend, shall we have a collective UGH?