MedicAlert bracelets...who's got 'em?

I’m thinking I need to get one because of the lymph node biopsy on my left arm…I can’t have blood pressure or blood drawn on that side anymore (I think because of risk of lymphedema.)

I went on the website, and I thought you just bought an engraved bracelet, but apparently, it’s more than that…you pay an annual subscription and any EMT personnel can call a number and get your entire medical history, should you be unconscious and unable to tell them, “Right arm, right arm only!”

Anyone have these? What has been your experience with them?

My wife has one. She hasn’t needed to “use” it yet but the customer service is excellent when she needs something changed on her record.

I got one for my daughter–it’s been about 4-5 years now, I think, that we’ve had the subscription. It’s not that expensive to do, and they do have very good customer service. We just got her one of the fancier beaded ones for her 8th birthday. We’ve never needed it, but I’ve been happy with the deal.

Did anyone else think those bracelets were really cool when younger? When I was about 10 I kind of wanted one, but I didn’t really get the reason behind it.

You can get lymphedema bracelets that just say “Left arm, no needles no BP.” (Or right arm, obviously.) They have a mesh style, too. No subscription required, as far as I can tell.

Diabetic here.

You can go here

and get a bracelet, necklace, etc., engraved with whatever you want, one time fee, no subscription.

I wear the necklace for diabetes.

I joined a few years ago due to some nasty medical conditions and the several medications I take.

They have not only a good selection of bracelets, but even wrist watches. I opted for the basic necklace as most of the bracelets seemed to me would be a nuisance, might get caught on something and more easily broken and lost, etc, while the necklace is usually out of sight and out of the way.

I think there was a thread a while ago dealing with which the EMT personnel prefer and in some cases it was noted that they look immediately for the bracelet and often might miss the necklace.

I suppose you could have two and use them as earrings. :smiley:

That’s cool. I really don’t need anyone to call up for a medical history…I just need them to know to stay away from my left arm.

There’s lots of web sites for them, or you can even go to your pharmacy and fill out the form. I got mine here:

I hardly ever wear it anymore, since my seizures are pretty much under control, but I am thinking of getting a new one, just for the purpose you describe (Ivylass): something that says, “BP, IV left side only.”

Not quite the same thing, but in the military we have a long tradition of wearing dog tags on chains around our neck (well, it’s a tradition, and its required in the field). It’s stamped with our name, social, blood type, branch of service, and faith. I understand they can also get an additional tag with vital medical treatment information along the lines with what the med alert bracelets are for.

Mr. Jeeves can’t stand to wear a bracelet, and is a Type 1 diabetic. So instead of the bracelet he had the medic-alert symbol tattooed on his arm with Diabetic IDDM in text underneath it. So far, he has only met one other person who had it as a tat.

Should diabetes ever be cured he is more than happy to have it removed or altered.

I had a friend in high school do that too. When she first got it done, before it was colored in, we joked that as soon as the tattoo was finished, they’d cure diabetes.:stuck_out_tongue:

The medication I’m taking for type II diabetes comes with a suggestion that I wear some kind of bracelet/necklace indicating that I’m on that mediciation, but I can’t bring myself to get anything just yet. I’m newly diagnosed, and have not yet had a follow-up to determine that this medication is effective enough (that’s in 2 weeks), so maybe when my long-term treatment drug is confirmed I’ll reconsider.

I have a bracelet for my epilepsy. (I also had them list my penicillin allergy just for good measure). So far I haven’t needed it, but I do feel safer with it on.

Can I ask what you’re taking? I’ve taken glyburide & Avandia for my type II diabetes. The fromer works well but not infrequently leads to low blood sugar if I’m not careful; the latter might as well be a sugar pill in my case, as it works to alleviate insulin resistance and that does not appear to be my problem.

I’m taking metformin. I’ve been on it for a little over a month, but like I said there has been no follow-up bloodwork yet (and my doc said that I don’t need to self-test, so I haven’t been). I won’t know how/if it’s working for a couple more weeks.

It took two tries to find the right blood pressure medication for me, so I’ll be pleasantly surprised if the follow-up shows that the metformin is working as hoped. :slight_smile:

I’m curious if I need one. I’m allergic to penicillin and a couple-other antibiotics, plus take a beta-blocker for irregular heart-beat.

I was issued a red dog tag for my allergy to penicillin along with my regular dog tags when I was in the Army. Like Ragueleader said, they serve the same purpose on the battlefield that the bracelets and necklace serve.

I have situs inversus totalis. I thought about getting a tattoo that reads “flip over before treating”.

I used to wear a medicalert bracelet, but I really got tired of people always asking if I was diabetic. It happened at least once a day.

I do – I got one off the americanmedical-id website linked to in a previous post. No subscription needed. Just additional text saying “For more info, see wallet” – this also has the advantage of being more easily updatable than an engraved bracelet.