Medicare advantage plans

What’s with this business with zip codes and Medicare? Sounds like a come on to me, “get all this free stuff if you are eligible by living in the right zip code.”

According to the Google… Because Medicare Advantage networks of care are dependent upon the private insurer supplying each individual plan, the availability of Medicare Advantage Plans will vary according to region. This is where your zip code matters in terms of Medicare eligibility. You will always be eligible for Original Medicare, but eligibility for specific Medicare Advantage plans require you to live in that plan’s service area.

Even for “traditional” MediGap programs, your location really matters.

Some years back, for yucks, I used a pricing tool to get estimates on coverage for us where we live now, and for where the in-laws live in Florida. The same coverage cost considerably more in Florida than in our location. I think we looked at a plan sponsored by AARP but honestly don’t recall.

Since my sister-in-law refers to their area as “God’s Waiting Room” (due to the high concentration of retirees), I don’t know if it’s the demographics, or some other factor, that causes the difference.

FWIT: I don’t know if this true or not; it’s so hard to tell these days.

I recently read that the Joe Namath, etc. plans saying “See if your are eligible to get $141 dollars back every month from your Social Security” is available only in one ZIP code – the one in Florida where Mar-a-Lago is located.

I was never a big football fan but I remember when Joe Namath was a big deal in NYC in the 1970s and seeing him on a cheesy commercial like that was kind of sad.

That’s how I feel about Alex Trebec. Namath, on the other hand, always did cheesy commercials

My older brother and I use the same insurance company for our medical plan. Where he lives he qualifies for their advantage plan, I don’t where I live. We live 30 miles from each other. He does not qualify for the SS reimbursement, that is the extra money plans pay to some. He gets his plan for free, I pay $84 a month and get $20 from my ex-employer as part of my pension.