Medicare - One more time

My situation: am disabled (100%) by osteoarthritis - meaning, I will be needing some serious (competant!)surgery down the line. I now have a nice Blue Shield PPO (whichI really can’t afford, but…)
Is ther some combination of Medicare + private supplemental coverqge which whoud EQUAL my nice PPO? Am trying “managed care” now, and they cant get 'scripts right - no wan in hell I’m trusting them cutting on my spine.


mY typing ability is also limited…


Insurance availability will depend on what state you’re in.

Also, are you already on Medicare?

Medicare for disability is ridiculously difficult to get. You pretty much have to be unable to work at any occupation, period, even with accommodations.

As I read the OP, you have three options. The first is to try to get Medicaid, which is the state program for the indigent and disabled. You most likely won’t need a supplemental insurance plan for that. However, not every doctor accepts Medicaid due to low reimbursement and the occasional administrative nightmare. You may also have to qualify for it based on income and assets, and you may have to re-certify periodically.

The other is to see if you qualify for state-subsidized insurance. In Pennsylvania, where I live, there is a program called Adult Basic which costs very little and is designed to cover adults that may or may not qualify for Medicaid. However, coverage is also limited and there may be a waiting list to get in.

The third option is to work with Blue Shield to see if a higher deductible and copay will reduce your premiums.

My recommendation is to talk with the Arthritis Foundation chapter. They may be able to help you come up with an option that works for you, and they may be able to walk you through whatever process you decide.


I’m in CA, and not on either mediciad or medicare.

I’ve run into the “we don’t take that” bit, even with the less-than-wonderful Dr. at the “managed care” joke I’m using - hence my diser to afford Dr. of choice.
Thanks for the replies