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I have a friend who is on various meds for blood pressure, cholesterol, acid reflux, etc. He is in somewhat of a financial bind right now so he decided to take his meds every other day in order to make them last longer.

I am wondering if it would be better to take half-doses every day than to take a full dose every other day. Any ideas, suggestions?

I take meds for blood pressure/cholesterol/lipids/acid reflux/MDD/panic anxiety, etc. He really needs to take them everyday as prescribed. I know it sounds like I am being a doctor, but many meds must build up in your system to be effective. I am going to guess he takes Nexium (Xrtmy Xpnsv), but missing a day can hurt you.

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I would suggest your friend talk to his doctor and explain his circumstances. Perhaps there is another less expensive drug that can be substituted, or perhaps the doctor has coupons or samples, but your friend shouldn’t mess with the changing the timing of his medication without his doctor’s knowledge and approval.

And I think some drugs are not meant to be cut in half.

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A lot of drugs are available for cheap if you just think to ask. Usually, if you tag a .com to the drug name, you’ll find its website, and there’s probably a discount program available.

Just a few examples - (a hypertension med) has a $4 per month plan emblazoned across their site that you can’t miss. Astra Zeneca (maker of Nexium) has a rather more subtle program they call AZ&Me, and there’s the more or less industry-wide

And yes, definitely ask the doctor about cheaper or generic options.

IANAD, regardless of my screen name. All else aside, do not split any pill without the express permission of the doctor! Some pills are formulated to release the medication over time, cutting, breaking or powdering can (almost certainly will) circumvent the time release mechanism. Dumping a dosage meant to be delivered over many hours into one’s system all at once can be deadly!

Nice political hi-jack there Luke. :wink:

Another thing is that many drug dosages are determined by body weight- you need a certain concentration for them to be effective, and if you took half-doses, you likely wouldn’t get enough to work, or work right. As I understand it, prescription drugs are more likely to be determined this way- the Dr. may be putting him on 50 mg of something because he weights 200 lbs, and taking 25 mg would be the appropriate dose for an olympic gymnast, not a relatively big guy.

Agreeing with what others have said.

Now, some medications are candidates for pill-splitting. You buy the medication in a dose twice what you need, and take a half every day. So if your med is 10 milligrams but there’s a 20 milligram available, take a half each day (if it’s one that CAN be split - if it’s time-release of course that’s not workable).

Depending on what all he’s on, some of the meds might be a quality-of-life thing. Reflux for example: long-term, untreated reflux can cause serious issues in some people, but in the short term he might be able to get by (beware of rebound acid production though).

The drugstores that offer things like 4.00 generics are worth looking into as well.

I thank everyone for the responses. I agree that splitting a dose or skipping a dose is not a good idea, I just didn’t have any real reasons as to why it wouldn’t work. I am going to argue the points that you all made and perhaps I can make him change his mind. Thanks again…except to the guy who only wanted to make a political statement.

Tell him to shop around as well. One of my medications is less expensive at Walmart than at Rite Aid (though I don’t get it at Walmart because I like the people at Rite Aid better). Many pharmacies have lists of low price meds as well and different chains may have different lists ($4, $8 lists - stuff like that).
Also, look into loyalty cards. Do you have a Rite Aid near you? I have their loyalty card and I build up points all year long. At the beginning of every year I’m assigned a percentage off based on my points from the previous year. I have never once been lower than the max of 20% off. This is off of every purchase I make, including our prescription drugs. It really helps.
Little things like that can make a huge difference.