Medieval superstions alive, well

So what? Her image has miraculously appeared on the window of tire dealerships.


I love Catholocism; I wish some Catholics would refrain from venerating tiny squares of cloth, or whatnot.

I clicked on a link and the Virgin Mary miraculously appeared on my computer screen! People are already lining up around the block to see it.

Whatever happened to the rule against graven images? Or was that in the #11-15 slab that Moses dropped?

Oh good grief. It makes them feel especially close to someone who is obviously very important to him. If you’re going to pit them, include with them my father who weeps openly every Easter during the solemn process of remembrance of the Passion of Christ.

Do we find it silly? Many of us, sure. Would a lot of other folks who don’t get the SDMB find our worship (well, some of us worship him;)) of Cecil bizarre and unnecessary? Yeah. Does either outsider opinion invalidate the other group’s actions? Fuck no.

SPOOFE, my guess would be that they are not worshipping it as a graven image but as a representation of God (same argument you’d get from many for the veneration of the crucifix and any number of other activities and such). YM, as always, MV.

SPOOFE: I’m sure Catholics would tell you that they pray to God through the relics, much like they use rosary beads as focuses of attention.

Besides, it’s easier for the human mind to empathize with a human being than with an infinite, all-knowing, all-perfect supreme divine being.

Situations like this always make me think of a story I read in the “Fortean Times,” about a mysterious, black-and-white image of Jesus that appeared on the side of a freshly painted church in Mexico.

Hordes of people showed up. There were a couple of miraculous healings. Refreshments were sold. It made the news in Mexico City.

A team of scientists came out from Mexico City to investigate. It took them less than 24 hours to discover that whoever had painted the church had painted over a black-and-white poster that had been on the side of the church, and the ink had bled through.

Three miracles and a couple weeks of general chaos were attributable to the Sacred Image of Willie Nelson…

When I see stories like this, I always wonder what makes people think that any image of a woman must be Mary. I mean, why can’t it be Isis or Athena or something? It’s not like anyone knows what Mary looked like, so why the automatic assumption? Maybe the picture on the taco or the window doesn’t look anything like her.

Juan was a very recent convert to Catholicism, and had his vision on the site of a former Aztec temple to the Aztec earth and fertility goddess Tonantzin. Maybe the title should read “pre-Columbian superstitions alive, well.”

They had a segment on the news about this, but never showed the “image.” Does anyone have a link to what this Mary is supposed to look like?

Cecil’s image appeared on a cheese pizza I ordered last night. Should I be expecting pilgrims at my door?

I’m on my way. Don’t eat the pizza!!

Only the beginning, brother, only the beginning. Wait till he dies – livers being healed, taxes mysteriously being paid…

mmmm… leader beans…

Oh, Yay, Catholic-bashing is fun! Definitely in the interest of fighting ignorance, and all. :rolleyes:

Yep. Just ask the guy who did in Joseph Pilger.

It sure is, especially when you reflect on those stories about how three different churches have the skull of one saint, and five have his thigh bone.

Well, there weren’t enough parts to go around. Loaves and fishes, bones, the principle is the same.

The opiate of the masses- religion- and it helps in many places of poverty. But I can’t believe that it maintains their ignorance.


Catholic bashing is fun!

So you consider murdering a Catholic priest “fun”?