Medium 1/24

Allison deals with two ghosts in this ep. Double the fun, double the insomnia.

Lemme just make the inevitable “will they wash their hair?” comment and get it over with. :rolleyes:

It was just okay. The songs got on my nerves.

I liked this episode, though I did wonder why no one had cleaned out his apartment and brought the cats to a shelter yet. I wouldn’t think the landlord would want to leave five cats alone in an apartment for too long.

I always feel bad for poor Joe. He doesn’t get much sleep.

Was that to add to the “dream state”, make the experience seem surreal?
More interesting than a regular old murder, anyway.
And the wife was ugly. :slight_smile:

Yeah. She was uglier than expected. <shudder>

The commercial for this episode made the show seem sinister with the guy screaming at her “no one invited you here!”. But the episode was actually kind of light hearted. I kept thinking “someone feed the damn cats!!”

I wish they would do an episode about how Allison and Joe met and how he reacted when he found out about her “gift”. That would be interesting.

Yeah, if you get killed by someone that ugly, it shouldn’t count and you can come back for real.

Being attacked in one of the dreams would be good; did the Doctor spirit-the guy from Firefly-attack her in some spiritual way? I didn’t see most of the last one he was in.

I wish Joe-and her associates-would quit disbelieving in her. It was dramatic the first fifteen times, but now it’s like 24; will Jack torture the guy or not?