Medium, 11/22/06, Spoilers

An interesting plot, done in Early Edition when Gary has three dream chances to save Marissa from being killed by an automobile. She isn’t being a medium, though, she is exhibiting precognition if I spelled it correctly. Well, whether or not I spelled it right, but I digress.
Interesting that the DA and Scanlan don’t believe her in the dreams, but do in real life.
And what is “real life” and what is a dream? In the ED episode, Gary kept doing it over, learning something more each time. In Medium tonight it seemed much the same, although I’m not sure what is important. Not sending the daughter to school seemed to be something learned, but did that influence the outcome? Each of Gary Hobson’s choices directly influenced his ability to save his friend’s life. And what was the impotance of the dream amputation except to draw out attention? It did not further the story line or teach her how to prevent the tragedy.

Your spelling is correct.
I only got as far as the amputation discovery, then had to tape the rest. Will get back to this later.
I thought I had started a thread on this too, but it appears to have been swallowed.

A couple things bugged me, I don’t think I ever saw a couple things resolved or maybe I just missed them, but what happened with the judge that had been in the trunk of the car? And where did the bag of money come from?

In the Early Edition scenario, I believe Gary was time traveling to get a second and third chance, but Allison seemed to be having different dreams the same night. Only the final sequence actually happened. The dead judge and bag of cash were symbolic. Although the different dreams did seem to be a method of finding the best solution, it was Scanlan and the DA who came up with the plan.

I am not sure of the point of the amputation scene either. Good performance from the oldest girl in that scene, though the little one has such a funny little face that it was a bit of a distraction for me.