Meet Bob

I’ll give you the TL;DR before I go off on a tear.

I’ll be picking up my new dog, Bobthe Dog, from the pound on Thursday afternoon after work. He is a Shepherd/Mastiff mix, but he’s not really that big. He’s about a year old - they’re not entirely sure, so he’ll probably fill out a little, but I don’t think he’s going to grow much bigger than he already is. I could be wrong. He’s really sweet, very polite when I met him and again when I played with him this afternoon. He seems very inquisitive and smart so I’m hoping I got winner.

So, here’s the deal. I’ve been having a tough decade. No real relationships to speak of, rotating jobs, depression, anger all culminating in the last few years of panic attacks which even included a fun episode where I passed out while I was driving (no one got hurt and nothing got damaged). This is the year I finally decided to do something about it, so for the last three months I’ve been seeing a therapist and for the last two months I’ve been taking Lexipro for anxiety. Things have been looking slightly up for me in terms of mind-set. I’ve definitely calmed down, and through coping techniques and the drugs, I’ve figured out how to not let my emotions get the better of me.

One of my major problems has been lack of traction. I talk a good game but when push comes to shove I never get anything done. So this all came up within the last few weeks. Oh, I’ve been pissing and moaning about wanting to get a dog ever since I moved into my house, with my huge back yard, but I’ve let myself be talked out of it - either by myself and my anxieties, or allowing someone else to fill me full of doubts about it. So this week I decided to grab the dog by the Neuticals[sup]TM[/sup]. I’ve been surfing rescue sites and Humane Center sites and there were a few dogs who really looked like what I was looking for - a smaller, medium energy dog who has a little social skills already. The rescue sites seemed out of the question. Listen, I understand you want your dogs to go to a good home, but how much I’m willing to spend on a medical emergency or what I plan to do with him if I go on vacation is really none of their goddamned business.

My last ditch effort was to go look at this older dog at the Greater Portland Animal Refuge League (the pound), but she was a little too old and too frail and too willing to kill cats. And I just tripped across Bob. Most of the dogs there were pretty well mannered in their kennels but he just seemed so chill but inquisitive that he just grabbed me. So … Bob is going to be my Therapy Dog. I already have Mort my Therapy Cat, and hope I can get them to get along (Mort’s a chill guy too - shouldn’t be a problem).

His name at the pound was Humvee, but that’s a ridiculous name.

Bob. Bob the Dog.
(only pics I have so far up top, shitty hosting too - sorry)

Oh, I’m already in love with Bob. I hope he’s as perfect for you as he seems.
I have a Bob of my own. He’s a perfect rascal, but I adore him.
Keep us informed, Jack.

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Congratulations on making so much progress emotionally. Bob’s a gorgeous dog! That tail looks like it will clear off any low tables. :smiley: I hope the three of you are very happy together.

Congratulations on finding a new companion. Dogs are great. I hope you have a great time together.

Bob looks cool. Good on you for taking a non-puppy. I hope all 3 of you have good times together.

He’s gorgeous! May you have a long and happy life together.


Bob is adorbs and I know JUST what you mean about the “rescues,” the gatekeeping is insane and the “rehoming fees” exorbitant. I’ve been looking for a cattle dog bro or sis for Shoga–Bear is old and cranky and doesn’t play and she really craves company she can race around with. I’ve dealt with two rescues now and they’ve both been absolute bullshit. So I looked around and this weekend I’m going to go look at a litter of red heeler pups and if I like one I’m going to do something I haven’t done since the early '80s, I’m going to BUY a PUPPY. And screw all those snippy assholes and their “rescues.” It’s no wonder backyard breeders are flourishing.

Congrats on the new companion and good on ya for taking charge of yourself and your life.
I agree with the sentiment about the [del]money making blatantly for profit[/del] “rescue” organizations.
I’ve been considering a dog myself lately. When I checked with a couple of local rescue orgs, well piss on em, I’m not trying to adopt an AKC registered dog or a cat with a platinum plated pedigree.

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I like Bob. :slight_smile:

My biggest problem with the rescue organizations boils down to a line I keep using. They insist on a home visit before adoption and I’m just not prepared for someone to tell me that my house isn’t good enough for a dog they found eating garbage in the sewer.


Hi Bob! Hi! Yes! I’m so happy to meet you! What a beautiful boy you are, oh my goodness.

Congratulations, Jack! Thanks for introducing me to your dog.

I volunteer for a shelter. We are happy to let anyone in the door who is interested at adopting. There are expenses involved in getting dogs and cats ready to be adopted.
Mostly vet costs. There are 2 vets that volunteer their services, here.
The adoption fees can be waived or reduced.
That business about home visits is just stoopid, IMHO. If a dog needs a forever home and a person shows interest our shelter tries to make it happen.

In ID the rescue orgs are separate from, independent of and seem to actively avoid and discourage much, if any, association with the Humane Society, the Idaho Humane Society (no affiliation). ASPCA maybe in a few cases. The Humane Society doesn’t have much presence in Idaho as we have the Idaho Humane Society thet runs the local shelter. Those folks are pretty awwsome.

We’ve had mixed experiences with rescue groups. The one in FL wanted to know if we already had pets at home and what vet we used, and I thought those were reasonable questions. This county’s animal welfare league asked similar questions when I adopted my cat at Petco. Two other rescues we’d gotten were run by individuals and they had us come to their homes to meet the cats and I’m sure they were watching how we interacted with them.

The worst, tho, was a Siamese cat rescue. They had a long application form, including a page that had to be filled out by the vet, and they wanted to do a home visit and periodic checks after adoption. We didn’t want to deal with that idiocy.

Enough hijacking - Bob sounds like a great dog! I’m sure you’ll be very happy together!

I’ve got no problem with paying a fee to a shelter. Running the shelters costs money; and you generally get a dog/cat that’s been spayed/neutered, wormed, and at least partly inoculated, all of which would probably have cost me at least as much as the shelter’s fee if I had to do it myself. And I’ve got no problem with being asked for a vet.'s recommendation. I suppose I could stand a home visit, if it were by advance appointment; and if they’d bring the dog with them I’d be in favor of it, because I could see how the dog acted here, and towards the one cat who would probably show up rather than hide when a strange human and a strange dog were both present.

What I do have a problem with – and currently it’s a sizeable problem – is flat out rules that they’ll never give a dog (or cat) to someone who’s going to let it run off leash and outside a fence. I live on an 80 acre farm on a very low traffic road. My cats/dogs spend the night inside the house (coyote) and also are inside as much as they please, and sometimes if they don’t please, in bad weather. My indoor/outdoor cats nearly always live into their late teens, sometimes into their twenties; my most recent dog died in her midteens after two years of insulin shots. And I need the dog to run loose, not only because I can’t run fast enough to properly exercise a dog of the type I want on a leash, but also because I need the dog to chase woodchucks out of the fields.

Nobody around here is selling medium sized dogs. Lots of little dogs, some large ones. I need a dog big not to be in danger from a woodchuck or raccoon, and small enough that I can expect to be able to pick the dog up when it’s an old dog and I’m an even older human. I don’t want to have to go a day’s drive to pick up a dog I’ve never even met before, let alone have one shipped in. It’s a problem.

I had a great dog named Bob (also a rescue) The best thing about a dog named Bob is you can call him Bob Barker.

Bob is the perfect height for counter cruising. :smiley:

Best wishes.