Meet Jack Torrance

Someone online edited a new trailer for The Shining with new music and snippets from the movie. It’s brilliant.

Oh, that’s fuckin’ awesome.

That Rules!!!



I never figured that a change in music was all Kubrick needed to make an upbeat, feel-good film. :slight_smile:

That’s the first time I’ve been whooshed by a movie trailer.

I’m not sure I get it, but it’d ruin the joke if someone explained it to me, so I won’t ask.

Oh. Okay. Now I get it. :smack:

SolGrundy. That was simply teriffic. Seriously. I’m still laughing.

Bumping. And if a mod could close this thread, that’d be cool.

(Thanks Miller)

Best laugh I’ve had all week!

Oh, the wacky hijinks…

That was crazy-good. I’d love to see the faces of the people when they leave the theater. :smiley:

That’s how they should make all trailers. The possibilities! Schindler’s List as a wacky buddy picture; Jaws as a funny romantic comedy; Dumb and Dumber as a . . . well, anyway.

[hijack]I really enjoy fake movie trailers for some odd reason --usually these are for movies that will never be made of fan releases of trailers of upcoming movies. The idea of editing a movie to come up with a trailer to reflect an entirely genre than one the movie’s actually in is hellaciously clever to me.

It’s like taking excerpts from Lord of The Rings to make a road trip sexcapade comedy trailer or Animal House and making it seem like a serious academic drama or editing the Freddy Krueger movies until you make it seem like it’s a Matrix sequel or something.

A similar trailer I saw once edited an episode of Voyager using Tuvok as a rapper.[/hijack]

It’s the Feel Good Movie of the year!

How in the world did you find that? That was just fantastic!

In my stupid duplicate thread, posted before I saw this one, I said:

Worth thinking about, certainly. This trailer is an excellent demonstration.

What kinds of equipment do you need to re-edit something like this? I assumed the person responsible had a DVD of The Shining, a few sound files, including a sound file of Peter Gabriel’s “Salisbury Hill”, and the new narration. What kind of program do you use to edit this?

Here’s West Side Story as a horror movie (with just a little bit of digital tweaking). Very funny.

Absolutely brilliant.

From yesterday’s New York Times: