Meet Jack Torrance

There was a show on FX a few years ago that kinda did the same thing. Anybody remember the title?

Brilliant. I can’t stop laughing.

One question: that line where Jack says “I’m your new foster parent”, what’s up with that? I don’t remember that from the movie.

It’s a Jack Nicholson line from About Schmitt, spliced in.

ahhh, ok, thanks.

The use of “Solisbury Hill” is particularly funny, as it’s been used in countless trailers for uber-lame-ass movies.

That really was phenomenal. Great boost for the night.

Agreed- it’s a fantastic song- too bad it’s used in so many shitty love story movie trailers. This video is brilliant.

There’s a new entry in this style at iFilm - “Scary Titanic”.