Meet my 8 year old champion of science and reason.

I am amused by /proud of my son right now.

He is going through a round of nose bleeds, including one that lasted over 90 minutes today. I was at work doing a double shift at work (I’m a nurse) so my partner brought my son to Emergency. It was a longish day for my eight year old and he is extremely tired of all this. (He had a round of this last year and it resulted in a surgical ligation of one vessel, but here we go again) He is very patient and manages his nosebleeds without tears or fuss, but he’s had 8 in the last 4 days.

He was explaining to me tonight how fed up he is, and I said “Oh honey, I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it all go away.”

He looked at me in shock and said “Mom, that is what science is for. Magic wands would mean you wouldn’t have a job”

That is a pretty awesome attitude; I expect great things from your young man! But no more buckets of blood, please.

What a sweet, smart young man you have there!

He is an awesome kid, and it isn’t just me who thinks so.

A week ago, we were on a bus, and he was asking me "what is plastic made of?
I told him it was made from oil.
He asked How was it made from oil, why did anyone think of cooking up oil to make plastic, and since we are running out of oil shouldn’t we stop making things out of plastic.

I agreed, told him I don’t know much about it and we can look it up on the internet when we get home.

Then he moved on to discussing cafes and restaurants. Restaurants serve coffee and tea and muffins like a cafe but cafes usually don’t serve meat and french fries like a restaurant.

The woman beside us on the bus chimed in. She basically verbally did a Venn Diagram of restaurants versus cafes. I thanked her for taking a bit of the question answering load off me. She said “I really wanted to answer the previous questions too.”

She is a professor of chemical engineering, and said her students don’t ask as many questions as my son does. She told me “what ever you are doing, keep doing it, you are raising a smart curious boy.” We missed three stops talking to her (she advised my son to study physics) and had a great chat.

He sounds a little like GLADOS form the Portal games. Aperture Science, we do what we must because we can.

Ah, that’s great. Sounds like a wonderful kid. I hope his nosebleed problem clears up soon, poor guy.

Wow Mona that’s a really cool bus story. I hope my (future) kids are as inquisitive as that.

Thanks. I found out too that when (someone?? a reg. tech or a nurse?) asked my son what day was he born (Expecting date month year) my son said “Mom said it was on a Thursday. But I don’t really remember.”

We’ll expect him to sign up here on his 13th birthday, 'cause clearly he’s Doper material.


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