Meet the Wolphins

Who’da thunk it.


I want a picture.

If you’ve got cable, watch Countdown on M$NBC when they rerun it in about 2 hours. Or you can see old pictures of one of them here.

Was it artificial insemination, or a case of interspecies love?

Hot cetacean love, baby. Hot cetacean love. :smiley:

Is there any other kind? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen the mother several times. Her look was never shocking enough for me to notice too much. Apparantly the baby (75% dolphin) just looks like a really big dolphin.

Well they had a false killer whale and a dolphin in the same tank and figured nothing would happen. They were very shocked when it did. I’m guessing this time they wanted to get her laid.

I suppose that they’ll only mate the descendants with doplhins now.

Well, why should bipeds have all the fun?

Here’s a pic!