The killerwhaletank

The killerwhaletank
The killerwhaletank - uh!
The killerwhaletank - uh!
I’m going into the killerwhaletank!


You’re going to kill a whale with a tank?

You’re building a tank for a killer whale to use in battle?

You’re going into a killer whale tank?

Explainez-vous, s’il-vous-plait…


It’s all one word. :smiley:


Now it blindingly obvious.

I don’t know why I didn’t get the Tragically Hip reference before.

Just wanted to find the Hip fans on the board!

We now return you to more coherent threads.

I fed a fish to Baby Shamu. And pet him.

Hey, that is real cool! But, you’re lucky Bartholomew didn’t come by. He’da ripped your left arm off.

Killer whales are quite docile in captivity, but somewhere along the line 1000s of years of breeding just snaps . . .