Meeting in the Wild: Thanks to SDMB'er Capt Kirk!

I’ve only met a few Dopers IRL - consistently pleased by all. Last night was no exception when I connected with our own Capt Kirk. His day, er, night job is the sound man/overall organizer for performing acts - and he is now on tour with a great British blues player, Matt Schofield.

We connected up - after my workday and his soundcheck - grabbed a tasty dinner, and went back for the show. The good **Capt **got me comp’d - yay! And what a *great *show - guitar, organ (holding down the bass, too) and drums - so good.

So - in the overall scheme of things, this is MPSIMS, but it was a really fun time, with great Doper company - and it is always nice to see things IRL play out as good as they do online. I hear he is likely connecting with a few other Dopers while out with Schofield - I am sure you will enjoy it!

Three of us are meeting up with him on Thursday in Annapolis. I’m looking forward to it, because not only will I meet the good Capt, but another Mumper as well, plus seeing yet another for the 3rd time. So yay!

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Thank you

He was my first Doper to meet IRL and I had a blast. I have a new real friend and that is cool.

BTW, about Stevie Ray, Matt says that he was not an idiot savant, he knew exactly what he wanted. Rene worked a Charlie’s guitar shop in Dallas and had been working on Jimmy and Stevie’s rigs for years. They would go into the shop and get jumbo frets put on and the like. Rene only went on the road with Double Trouble around 83’-84’. We listened to SRV from 77’ in response to your question and IMO, he sounds like a younger and less mature guitar player but he is clearly a badass and sounds like SRV.




Oh yeah, no surprise. To everyone reading - the good Capt shared with me a story about talking with Nile Rodgers (!!) and Nile discussing how Stevie Ray showed Nile how to dial-up a good tone with his amp - leading Nile to use that type of amp going forward. After I squee’d over Capt talking with Nile Rodgers (!!) I commented that SRV was often held up as a bit of a “idiot savant” - could play like he was channeling God, but didn’t know the tech/geeky stuff. One of SRV’s guitar techs basically has said that he handled everything. No surprise to hear that, in checking with a great Strat/Blues player like Matt Schofield, he might take exception to that characterization…

I’ve already volunteered to boldly party next Wed. :slight_smile:

See you then