Megamind vs. Despicable Me

Two films. Similar ideas – focusing on a supervillain. Both hand henchmen named “Minion.” Which do you think is better?

Despicable Me by a lot

Megamind was meh in comparison

It’s so FLUFFY!!

I can’t speak about the other one but I though Despicable Me was one of the best animated movies I had seen in a loooong time. :slight_smile:

I only saw Despicable Me. Megamind is coming from Netflix sometime in the future, but I’ve no pressing urge to see it.

“Curse you tiny toilet!”

I haven’t seen Megamind, yet (though I intend to), but Despicable Me is great.

I kind of need to rewatch it, though…I was sick at the time, and mostly missed the ending.

I saw both in theaters and I really can’t say that I preferred one over the other. They were both great.

I saw both. I felt Megamind had more interesting characters.

Definitely preferred Despicable Me. The characters were far more interesting, and the movie had a heart. It was also funnier.

Megamind started out on the wrong foot with that overly long and talky exposition sequence before the credits. It also was what Chuck Jones used to call “radio with pictures”: it was all based upon dialog, with nothing being shown by animation alone.

And Despicable Me had much better minions.

I enjoyed both, but had more fun with Despicable Me.

Same here. You needed an option for this. I chose Megamind but ask me tomorrow and I might choose DM. DM did have the funniest scene (personal to me) in any movie this year. I have a thing about glow sticks, so when one of the Minions cracked open another and shook him so he started to glow I absolutely lost it. I laughed harder than I have in years. Wait, can I change my vote?

Saw both. Liked both. Megamind was more thoughtful, but DM’s minions were so cute I could just die!

Saw both. Megamind was certainly enjoyable, but Despicable Me ‘wins’, in my book, for more ‘LOL’ moments. Also, more emotion (again, imho).

I only saw Megamind. Despicable Me looked dumb (“IT’S SO FLUFFY!”).

Saw both, and it was a near thing, but in the end I voted for Megamind. I felt that Despicable Me, awesome though it was up to that point, muffed the ending.

If I’D written Despicable Me, I would have ended it with

Gru saving the children, yes, but then having them join “the family business” and become supervillains-in-training. They certainly had potential.

As it is, I thought the plot dissolved into out-of-character mush in the last few minutes.