Melrose Place 09/08/2009

So did anyone watch tonight? Still really soapy, but with more of a noirish feel. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes.

Not usually my type of show but I tuned in for Victor Webster and stayed for Stephanie Jacobsen and Michael Rady. I guess Victor is recurring because he didn’t make an appearance. But I loved Stephanie from Terminator, and Michael from Greek. Besides the actors, I love Michael’s character, lots of geek love there, and I like the description for Victor’s assuming he ever shows up. I liked Michael and Stephanie’s stories, but I didn’t really care about the bad boy in a love triangle with his dad or the old woman that got killed. The cook is interesting, especially given the ending, but he didn’t get a lot of time this episode. The blond girl is slightly interesting but only because of her involvement in all the other storylines. Red head did not get a lot of play yet.

I’ve finally caught up. This is probably the best new show I’ve watched this season, make of that what you will.

Anyone else still watching?

Just you and me I guess lol. I still like it, but nerdy guy seems to be about the only likeable character left. I find it amusing that prostitute girl’s clients are all insanely attractive men. I would sleep with them for free! I don’t like that crazy red head girl started acting crazy after we find out she’s weird. I’d rather she kept acting normal and sweet and just did the crazy stuff on the sly. There was a subplot about Johnny Drama on Entourage trying to get a part on Melrose Place. They went for some other actor, I wonder if that actor will actually show up…

I like Ella. She reminds me of Amanda. But her crush on newly engaged guy…it continues the trend (see also: Harper’s Island) of having Katie Cassidy paired up with guys she’s much better looking than - probably wouldn’t happen in real life.

What happened to Jane? I don’t remember her being such a bitch on the old show. And did Michael have a kid on the last series?

I’m liking it, and I’m starting see parallels between some of the characters on the new series and those on the original. Ella is definitely the new Amanda. Auggie seems like Jake in that he’s a hunk who’s had some issues in the past but also has a heart of gold. I think the filmmaker will end up being like Michael. If you remember from the original series he actually started out being a really nice guy, like the filmmaker, but by the second season had tranformed a smug, narcissistic, philandering asshole.
In fact I wouldn’t suprised if the filmmaker were the killer. It’s always the person you least suspect. That and he seems a little too eager about making accusations.
Also, Elfkin, Jane did have her moments of bitchiness in the original series, like when she was stakling Allison and Jake. She also set off the sprinklers at Richard’s fashion show.

So did anyone watch this week? I see Michael’s back up to his old ways. It was nice to see his smug little smile again, though. I was looking forward to that. And I still get a kick out of that Mercedes with the Lamborghini doors. It just seems like the douchiest vehicle in the world.

I watched. Ella’s boss is kind of hot.

I wish that offers to model fell into my lap when I had unexpected money problems, but I don’t envy the rest of their lives much.

It looks like the bitch will be back soon. Yay!

I know! I can’t wait to see if she immediately takes a shine to Ella or hates her on sight. You’ve heard about two characters leaving soon, right?

In case you haven’t and don’t want to know

Auggie and Violet are leaving soon

Are there really just three of us watching?