Melrose Place (original series)

With the new Melrose Place premiering on Tuesday I wanted to find out if anyone else here watched the original series. If so, do you have any favorite moments? Anything that really bothered you?
This was a show I had absolutely no interest at all in watching when it aired in the '90s. But then a few years ago when my girlfriend (now my wife) and I moved in together, she insisted on getting the DVDs from Netflix. I figure I’d humor her, but still dreaded having to give up a couple of hours of my life watching it.
Soon, however, I became an addict.
I actually got excited when I’d go to the mailbox and find the next disc had arrived. And now I’m pissed they’re taking so long to release the later seasons.
Yes the show is incredibly trashy. And it has plot holes you could drive a semi-truck (if not a space shuttle) through. But it’s also extremely entertaining in an over-the-top, “I can’t believe they’re actually pulling this off,” pro-wrestling type of way.
Is anyone here planning on watching the new show? Anything you’re looking forward to. I’m happy they’re bringing Syd and Michael back, as those were my two favorite characters. I especially love Thomas Calabro and the way he flashes that smug, shit-eating grin whenever he does something evil.

I watched it back in the day. 'course I was also fifteen when it started. I watched it up through the first half of the 1996-97 season when those of us who watched in the dorm were out-voted by people oogling James Marsden on the short-lived “Second Noah” instead. Marsden was hot, and I was sick of the whole Billy-Alison thing still not working out even after his bitch wife Brooke drown in the pool, so I didn’t miss it too much. I watched the rest of the series on the Soaps channel a couple of years ago, though.

Dunno if I’ll be watching the revamp. I only got through half of the new 90210 plot before bailing with no regrets. I guess if there’s nothing on that night (which night?) I may give the pilot a shot.