Members without status under their names?

I was wandering through a relatively recent thread today and came across a member (previous Mod) who didn’t have any status under his name: ie, Mod, Member, Charter Member, Guest, Banned, Suspended. Just nothing.

Is this a thing??

Link? Mod name?

T’was Idle Thoughts Qadgop.

Former moderators are supposed to be moved into a special user group we have set up for former moderators and staff. It looks like this wasn’t done properly for Idle Thoughts.

Posters can also pay to have a special status under their names. I presume somebody could choose to pay for this and then pick an empty space as their special status.

I think if you pay for a custom title and then don’t renew it, you can end up with something similar. Not 100 percent sure of that though.

Cf. the thread on Buddhism.

Mods, such as Idle Thoughts, don’t have to pay for custom titles, though.

I lost interest.

It’s a custom user title with nothing in the field.